February 24, 2014

Wonderful Days, Korean Numbers App, and Happy Birthday to Mi

Mihansa.net turned two last week. My schedule has been too crazy for the past few months to even watch Kdrama, much less write about it. However, I’ll make time for Lee Seo Jin’s new drama.

Wonderful Days | Wonderful Times | Very Good Times | Wonderful Season | Good Times Indeed

Series poster for Wonderful Days참 좋은 시절 – translated variously as above – debuted in Korea on Saturday to healthy ratings, easily outranking the numerous competing dramas in the same time slot. We have seen a lot of Lee Seo Jin in commercials since his success in the Grandpas Over Flowers series (the 3rd installment of which was filmed in Spain last month, but has not yet aired). That’s all very well, but it’ll be nice to see him in something that’s longer than two minutes!

Where to Watch

Happily, Very Good Times is a KBS drama, so I’ll be able to view it on the local KBS America station starting March 8th. For those less fortunately situated, Viki is in licensing talks. KBS World has full episodes of the previous drama in this time slot available to U.S. audiences on YouTube (scroll down to KBS Drama). I would expect Wonderful Times eps to be added on the same schedule as the KBS America broadcasts (late afternoons Saturday and Sundays, starting March 8th).

More about Wonderful Days
Cast and Location

The other leads (including the obligatory Kpop star, 2 pm’s Taec Yeon) are new to me, but I recognize many of the supporting actors, from the versatile Yoon Yeo Jung to ubiquitous comic sidekick/hoods Kim Kwang Kyu and Kim Sang Ho. Refreshingly, this drama gets out of Seoul, and is set in a country village, a rarity for contemporary dramas. Looking forward to 50 episodes!

Korea Numbers Android Game

Korean Bubbles screenshotKorean Bubbles is a free falling bubbles game for Android. Match numbers to their Hangeul names (or vice versa). Offers both Korean number systems, plus Korean color words. A fun way to speed up your Hangeul reading skills.

Update 2/9/16: It hasn’t been updated since 2011 and the developer’s website link no longer works, but the game is still available on the AmazonAppStore and GooglePlay.

3 comments to Wonderful Days, Korean Numbers App, and Happy Birthday to Mi

  • Happy blogoversary to you *throws confetti*. Congrats for making it this far :D

    Am eyeing this one as well, especially coming frm this writer, and I hv a fondness for LSJ’s dimples. But the length is a deterrent I hv to admit.

    And thanks for the bubble game recommendation. That’s an awesome tool :)

    • Mihansa
        Thanks for the b’day wishes (flicks confetti from hair :)

        Isn’t the game fun? They promised to add more word packs, but since that was in 2011, I suspect it’ll never happen. Which is OK, not sure longer words would really work in this format (then again, maybe they would force the player to read faster, which would be a good thing for this player). I’ve downloaded Korean language apps without restraint, so will be discussing others as I have a chance to check them out.

        I usually share your reservations about longer series – 24 episodes or less is my preferred length. However, I haven’t minded the KBS weekend dramas so much. Maybe it’s the timeslot.

  • Kim in Gran Couva

    At LAST! LSJ-oppa is lead in a drama and we get to see him in all his splendor. Saw someone commented that he “looks old”. I’d say “older” than we’re used to seeing in skin-care ads but pretty darn great for a 43 year old. We’re in for some seriously great acting so let the good times roll. Although i have yet to find a site where i can watch Wonderful Days, i’m optimistic and will follow the blogs for reviews and recaps. Finally 2014 is looking up!!!

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