June 26, 2013

Vampire Prosecutor - Season 1 Review

In May, Korean cable network OCN released a lineup for 2013 that included a Season 3 for the popular vampire/crime drama, Vampire Prosecutor. Nothing more has been said, so who knows when (or if) it will happen. Fans have been waiting impatiently for quite awhile. Just in case, I decided it was high time I watched Season 2.

But first, I’m revisiting Season 1. I’m up to Episode 5, and finding it all makes a lot more sense when you’ve already seen the whole season once through. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that episodes 11-12 will be a little clearer the second time around.

If anyone knows where I can watch a version with subs other than DramaFever’s, please post a comment (Viki and Hulu both use the DF subs). I don’t know whether different subs would make a difference, but I’m curious.

You can read my episode reviews of Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 here.

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