April 7, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 – Episode 6 Korean Drama review

Episode 6 of Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 brings a touch of comic relief. From the opening shot, where we think for a split second
Yun Jung Hoon removes his blazer
that we are watching Yun Jung Hoon strip (don’t tell me your mind didn’t go there), to the round robin of verbal posturing between fight club contenders, the episode tickles and toys with us.
SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen this episode yet, stop here.

Kim Je Jin's back in a sexy black dress
Buttoned-up Prosecutor Yoo (Lee Young Ah) and lusty ME Soo Hee (Kim Ye Jin) engage in a hilarious battle of the wardrobes while standing over a corpse. Min Tae Yeon tries to quell it by ordering them to “stop talking about useless things.” However, it flares right back up again when the ME pulls the sheet down a little too far, and blushing Prosecutor Yoo protests. Kim Ye Jin heckles her for inexperience, and boasts (with a completely unsubtle once-over of the Vampire Prosecutor) that she sees “those things” from time to time. He looks annoyed, and changes the subject back to the case. Sexuality in Korean drama has dragged its way out of the Victorian era, but has yet to transcend Virgin/Whore Syndrome.
Prosecutor Yoo covers her face in shock at the naked male corpse

The murder case is more exasperating than tragic – this time we don’t like the victim or the suspects, who turn out to be a pack of whiny wimps (and amateur fighters) despite their initial trash talk and claims of martial arts prowess. The cause of death is a gleeful imp leading the team on a merry dance. Intern Kim Ju Yeong gets a crack at witness-questioning, but experiences some issues with focus.
fight club members swagger down a street towards the camera

Requisite vampire angst is not neglected, however. One suspect turns out to be the sole witness to the murder-by-vampire of Prosecutor Min’s little sister 7 years earlier. What a stroke of luck for the Vampire Prosecutor! There are 49 million people in South Korea – what are the odds?! When Prosecutor Yoo probes the reason for his interest in events at Hankuk hospital 7 years ago, he asks whether she has a trauma in her past, something she wishes she could undo. She flashes back to happier childhood days. When he can see from her expression that she does, he proposes a mutual non-questioning pact.

Although his vial is laced with poison and lethal bacteria this week, the Vampire Prosecutor is unfazed. In fact, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone but me that this could be a problem. Oh, because he’s already technically dead, right? Easy to forget with these modern sunlit vampires. When Hwang Soon Bum (Lee Won Jong) urges him to socialize with his team and “act like a human,” Prosecutor Min asks, “if I do, can I become one?” Poor vampires – they never know what they’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Vampire Prosecutor and sidekick agree that dating is not an option. This is just silly. Everyone knows human-vampire love affairs are the hottest. My money is on Prosecutor Yoo as the eventual love interest. It would be way more interesting, if less sweet, with Yoon Ji Hee, but she’s a little too scary. And Korean drama heroes are always indifferent to beautiful, sexually provocative women like Kim Ye Jin, have you noticed? Hah, like that’d happen in real life!

Episode 6 closes with a visit to his bartender friend, a former doctor at the hospital where his sister was taken by the vampire. There was a car accident with multiple victims that same night, the fight club witness has told him. The Vampire Prosecutor asks his friend to look into what happened, and then hands him a newspaper story on the disappearance of a conspirator from Episode 4. “I smell blood,” he says.
the Vampire Prosecutor and his bartender friend lounge elegantly on red sofas in the private back room of the bar

He follows the acquitted murderer from Episode 4 down an alley, but loses him when he takes off running. Once they are separated, the vampire takes him, and all he finds is a few drops of blood.
the Vampire Prosecutor clutches his throat in an alley after tasting the blood of a man just killed by another vampire

KDrama U students of Korean should visit the official Vampire Prosecutor Facebook page – they are posting some show-related vocabulary in Hangul just for us.

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