May 20, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 – Episode 10 Korean drama review

men and women arriving with suitcases at a rural resortWe’re back to TV satirizing TV. Ahh. This time it’s a surprisingly compatible hybrid of finding-love reality show and English country house murder. The Vampire Prosecutor (Yeon Jeong Hoon) gets called away from the crime scene early in Episode 10, leaving Prosecutor Yoo (Lee Young Ah) and Detective Hwang (Lee Won Jong) to work the case on their own.

They’ve finally started to bond – she praises his interview technique and offers to follow his plan. He recognizes her persistence and thoroughness. They rib each other about romantic experiences, and we learn his sexism is fueled by an early disappointment in love (this is rot, of course, but Lee Won Jong is so likable he can get away with it).
Prosecutor Yoo and Detective Hwang listen closely to a witness
However, despite the growing camaraderie, they aren’t making much progress solving the crime. There are cameras all over the grounds, and the alibis all check out. Even the special insights of the Vampire Prosecutor aren’t much help.
SPOILER ALERT – stop here if you haven’t seen this yet.

And what is he up to anyhow? He receives a call (we never find out from whom) and races back to Seoul, where his bar-owner vampire pal has been arrested. He was caught red-handed at his own club, beside the bleeding body of a nurse from the hospital where the Vampire Prosecutor’s sister was killed.
Prosecutor Min in the interrogation room with his friend and a police detective
Prosecutor Min bursts in on the questioning. Did he cause this by asking his pal (a former doctor at the hospital) to look into the events of that night? The detective in charge bristles at the intrusion. Prosecutor Min asks a few pointed questions, then departs to visit the scene of the crime, where he does his blood-tasting thing. Friend or not, he is determined to find out the truth.
Vampire Prosecutor touches a drop of blood on his finger to his lips
His relationship with the blood is always an intimate moment for the Vampire Prosecutor. He brushes it onto his pouty lower lip like he is teasing a lover. Then he sniffs out the hidden murder weapon, and tracks the murderer (we never find out how) to a candlelit criminal lair cum opium den. He captures the nurse’s real killer and his buddy is released.

The bartender confesses that, as an ambitious blood researcher at the hospital, he tried a transfusion with vampire blood that may have created the hooded vampire. If I were the Vampire Prosecutor, I’d be seriously pissed to only now be hearing about this. Good thing his friend recently saved his life.

And how is it related to the documents the murdered nurse smuggled out of the hospital? The bartender forgot about it until he saw them? He charted “Infusion: vampire blood”?? There I go again, expecting drama plots to make sense. Silly me.
Prosecutor Min glares at his friend
One thing the documents would have is a patient name, no? Not to mention the emergency room photos the Vampire Prosecutor is seen leafing through (they take photos in emergency rooms?). But he doesn’t seem to have identified the hooded vampire. Never mind. There’s a brief shot of a stretcher coming into the hospital, so you can see who it is if you freeze the video. I’ll keep it to myself in case you’d rather be surprised. You will be.

Before Prosecutor Min rejoins his team, he meets with his boss, Chief Prosecutor Jang Chul Oh (Jang Hyun Sung). He seemed like a pretty cool boss until recently, telling the team to exercise their own discretion, or running interference for them in office politics. Why was the Vampire Prosecutor so cold and suspicious towards him? And why was the Chief Prosecutor so rude and insulting to his own bosses? Then I read about the recent real-life corruption scandals that have rocked Korea’s prosecutor management offices.
Chief Prosecutor Jang finds the Vampire Prosecutor in a park overlooking Seoul, under a streetlamp
In Episode 9, CP Jang told the Vampire Prosecutor to use any means necessary to bring down Prosecutor Yoo’s gangster dad, eager for a success to restore the organizational image. This didn’t go over well with the Vampire Prosecutor, who stated huffily that he would bring the culprit down by legal means. Instead, he ended up handing off key evidence to a family member of the suspect! Isn’t investigating your own family member a conflict of interest in Korea? Yes, it resulted in my favorite scene in the series thus far, but still. Boss is disappointed in Prosecutor Min, questioning his objectivity, and advising him that “a blunt knife ultimately causes harm.”

While he’s in Seoul, the Vampire Prosecutor has been able to track down some suggestive evidence on the relationships between suspects in the current crime. He rejoins the team, and they stage a skillful bluff to locate damning evidence and solve the murder. It was all about vengeance again, and of course, there were no winners in the end.
Prosecutor Yoo, Detective Hwang and intern Choi Dong Man cluster around a grill while Prosecutor Min sits at a distance, brooding
Baby investigator Choi Dong Man (Kim Ju Yeong) turns up for a post-case barbeque celebration, but the Vampire Prosecutor is distracted and pensive. Still, he pulls himself together to smile handsomely for some group photos, including one with his arm around Prosecutor Yoo.
Photo of the Vampire Prosecutor with his arm around Prosecutor Min

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