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April 15, 2012

Why I Don't Like Korean Romanization

Korean Romanization is the spelling out of Korean words using the English alphabet. Here are three reasons why I don’t like Korean Romanization:

1). There are too many Korean Romanization systems.

tall stack of booksWikipedia lists six widely used Korean Romanization systems! I recently purchased a Korean/English dictionary which was not satisfied with any of them, and made up yet another system of its own. They are all different, and you can’t always tell which one you are looking at when you view a Romanized word. This is a real problem in online searches, and MORE…

January 16, 2012

M or B?

If you’ve listened to any kind of Korean audio lessons, you have already encountered a word that begins with – is that an M or a B?? 물, for example (water).  If the speaker pronounces it several times, it may sound like a B some of the time, and an M the rest of the time. Or like an M when it’s pronounced slower and a B when it’s pronounced more quickly.

If your audio lessons don’t have a print component, you are probably going crazy trying to figure out which letter it is. Being a westerner translating it to an English equivalent, neither your M nor B sounds quite like what they are saying.

Here’s my secret for saying it in a more Korean way MORE…

January 11, 2012

Pimsleur Korean Language Program – review

As I mentioned earlier, I began my study of the Korean language with the Pimsleur system. Pimsleur is all by ear (no writing to “distract” you), and since I learn music that way, it sounded like just the thing.