December 30, 2012

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 20

Park Jung Ah props up an ardorous and inebriated Park Hae Jin;I know I said I wasn’t going to write about Seoyoung My Daughter anymore, but I just have to give propers to a few of the actors for the most recent episode.

In no particular order:

  1. To Hong Yo Seop, for embodying the joy of quitting a job that is corroding your soul.
  2. To Park Hae Jin – cold fish that he is, who would’ve guessed he could do such an excellent drunk?! And what a great near-kiss (he had help from Park Jung Ah for that).
  3. Choi Heo Joeng in a severe hairstyle with large black framed glasses and very plain dressTo Choi Yoon Young and writer So Hyeon Kyeong, for the slyest, most subversive arranged date sabotage ever. Looks like Ho Jeong took a few theater classes along with the harp lessons. What a bummer she got busted. I would’ve loved to see the next installment.

I’ve been sorry to hear about the continuing injuries to the cast of the ill-fated King’s Dream – most recently, another injury to Choi Su Jong’s already injured shoulder. Since he needs surgery, it looks like they’ll have to re-cast his role (they recast a leading actress due to a separate accident). This is something of a relief to his fans, since he was working more than he should have with the previous injuries. Sure, we like to see our favorite actors, but not at the expense of their health. Rest up, 여러분.

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December 15, 2012

Seoyeong My Daughter – Episodes 11-15


Episodes 11 – 14: Hah, timeslip! Told ya so! Episode 11 of Seoyeong My Daughter is a catch-up episode, establishing the new status quo. Only to rip it to shreds again, no doubt, but it’s a welcome break.

Drama math is a wondrous, stretchy thing. Ho Jeong (Choi Yoon Young) leaves Korea at 24, and comes back 3 years later at 30. No, wait, she’s only 26, another miracle. Seo Yeong (Lee Bo Young) rises from student to reluctant judge in the same 3 years.

Kdrama’s national love obstacle has not been neglected. For a minute there we get the dizzying impression that Ho Jeong is dating her own brother. He’s creepy enough. But no, of course she is still fixated on Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin).