May 3, 2013

Watch With Me - Secret Agent Miss Oh

Secret Agent Miss Oh posterI came across an episode of the 2010 comedy drama, Secret Agent Miss Oh (국가가 부른다 – aka “My Country Calls”), which KBS America is re-running in a mid-day weekday spot. I took an immediate shine to Lee Soo Kyung as the spunky heroine, who reminds me a little of Arang in the early episodes of Arang and the Magistrate.

So far, Secret Agent Miss Oh is very female-centered. Although Officer/Agent Oh’s ethics could use some improvement, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she won’t be too despunkified as the series progresses. Now marathoning Episode 4 (of 16) on Hulu. Watch with me, and we’ll compare notes next week.

Movie poster for My Girlfriend is an AgentI ran across the 2009 Korean film My Girlfriend is an Agent on Netflix last week, which is in a similar vein. I’ll probably review it along with Secret Agent Miss Oh when I finish the series.

My Girlfriend is an Agent was also known as 7th Level Civil Servant (a literal translation of the Korean title, 7급 공무원). A drama series by that name based on the film (but with different stars) was released by KBS earlier this year.

I haven’t forgotten Damo. In fact, that’s why I’m fortifying myself with female law enforcers in a lighter role, as I approach the final episode. An unhappy ending is foreshadowed in the first 5 minutes of the first episode of Damo. Not that I knew who any of those people were then, but I do now, so I’m setting out the tissues and comfort tea.