April 27, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 49-50


Oh wow. Check out Sam Jae’s past life review. Who would have guessed that he actually cyber-stalked Seo Young to her home with Woo Jae? I figured he just looked it up in the phone book.

The hand and foot close-ups at emotional climaxes throughout Seoyoung My Daughter really detract from the flow of the drama. It’s a shameful waste of the actors’ talents to confine them to this form of expression. Seriously, director Yoo – that’s what faces are for!

At first I thought Woo Jae’s angst MORE…

April 8, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 47-48


Wants to marry her own dad? And that’s supposed to be sweet?? Eww.

Wait, it’s all Seo Young’s fault!? What happened to “why couldn’t you have gotten your act together a few years sooner?” (which made total sense). The karmic reciprocity of Seoyoung My Daughter is too matchy-matchy to miss, even if karma isn’t your thing. MORE…

April 2, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 45-46

Hey, it’s my 100th post! How did that happen?


Let’s see, what’s left to wrap up before Seoyoung My Daughter ends? Quite a lot, actually. I wasn’t sure the Ho Jeong/Sang Woo marriage would last, but now I’d be surprised if it didn’t. Everything else is still in development, although the clues to where many of the other storylines are going have been, shall we say, generous?

Why does Sang Woo lie to Seo Young about Mi Kyung – surely noona knows his lying face. And hasn’t he grasped yet that lies never turn out well? Sheesh, that’s the whole moral of Seoyoung My Daughter. Catch up, Sang Woo.

I can’t believe Gang Sun MORE…

March 26, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 43-44


Hmm, Seo Young’s ex-stalker/potential boyfriend has gotten a lot more perceptive since high school. I didn’t see guilt in Seo Young’s face when she saw Woo Jae, however. First I saw pain, then fear.

As you’ve probably figured out from the numerous references in Seoyoung My Daughter, if you didn’t already know, seaweed soup is eaten on your personal birthday (as opposed to the communal birthday on the lunar New Year). Cake and presents are also common. Kids punch each other in the arm – Happy Birthday!

Returning to the theme of husbands getting new insight on their wives – Sang Woo gets a reality check on what Ho Jeong really wants. Does he understand MORE…

March 19, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 41-42


Episode 41
Oh, wow – a divorce room. I don’t think we have that in the U.S., do we? So easy, and yet so sad.

Sung Jae’s years of understanding his mom’s tantrum’s have given him a perception and sensitivity that is evident in his conversation with Seo Young. If only he could exercise the same abilities in his dating relationships!

Sam Jae is really opening up to Shim Deok, although I think it’s mostly because he’s too busy beating himself up to notice there’s another person in the room. Hard to fathom what she sees in him. We’ve witnessed some redeeming moments with Woo Jae and Ho Jeong, but Shim Deok’s never seen that side of him. Doesn’t it seem like a woman who weathered the storms of a non-traditional career for 17 years would be a little pickier?

It takes Mi Kyung quite awhile to catch on that MORE…

March 12, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 39-40


Seoyoung My Daughter has been relatively light on morose drinking scenes, but in this episode, it’s soju all around.

Ji Seon confirms that she did NOT trust her husband for 20 years as she told Seo Yeong. Which means her shock was more a case of wounded pride than wounded feelings, no? However, I think she did expect, if not trust, that Ki Beom would protect her reputation, since it reflected on him. Maybe that’s why her summation of betrayal in her conversation with Seo Young is so succinct.

Whenever I’m tempted to feel sorry for Sam Jae (which is often), I remember how he stole his wife’s money, and how his homeless family slept in the the 찜질방 (jimjilbang = public baths) when he deserted them.

However, it wasn’t quite fair of Woo Jae MORE…

March 7, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 37-38

Episode 37

Yikes! Episode 37 of Seo Young My Daughter opens with a hair-raising demonstration of the scariest driving ever. Raise your hand if being run off the road by your honey is on your relationship dealbreaker list.
Seoyeong pulls away from Ujae who has run her car off the road and grabbed her by the arm in the middle of the street
Ki Beom has a hilariously ironic tirade about lying and family values. His hypocrisy is completely invisible to him. Until Ji Seon’s damning faint praise that he’s the best of the betrayers in her life, that is.

I’m not sure how far back it goes, but there is a tradition of women drummers in Korea, and it isn’t hard to see why. They have to release the stress and frustration of all that sexism somewhere. I hope Ji Seon’s drumming session clears her shock so she thinks of asking Seo Young for an explanation.

You’d never guess Sang Woo had been MORE…

February 25, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 35-36


Episode 35
Oooo, that Seon Woo is so evil. Can you believe she’s actually criticizing Mi Kyung for acting unselfishly?! Hate her! Mi Kyung, who has grown up a little, is feisty enough to take her, but I doubt Seon Woo can be trusted to keep Seo Young’s secret. Not that it’s much of a secret anymore.
Seon Woo looks up the walkway to Lee Sang Woo's front gate
And then Seon Woo has the gall to wonder why Seo Young wants nothing to do with her. Gee, could it be because she’s an obsessive, competitive bully who’s trying to undermine Seo Young and her marriage at every turn? Here’s a tip: Not a recipe for friendship! It was great to see the spirit of the old Seo Young rise to that occasion.

Poor Yoon So Mi. All those years of MORE…

February 20, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 33-34



Hah! Just what I thought! Conceived MORE…

October 26, 2012

My Husband Got a Family – Final Thoughts

My Husband Got a Family (넝쿨째 굴러온 당신 – literally You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly or Unexpected You) wrapped up on KBS World last weekend. The series fulfilled its initial promise of utter predictability from beginning to end. Plot developments to come were not merely hinted at, they were shouted from the rooftops with megaphones. The abrupt timeslip at the end of the second-to-last episode seemed entirely arbitrary, as if the writer suddenly got bored and stopped caring what happened to the characters.
SPOILER ALERT: stop here if you haven’t watched yet.