April 7, 2014

Passion Distraction Poll - Move Over, Colin Firth

Episode 10 of Wonderful Days is highly gratifying to those of us who enjoy seeing a man tortured by longing. Colin Firth has long been acknowledged as the hottest frustrated lover of all time, but Lee Seo Jin is giving him a run for best passion distraction scenes – literally!

Lee Seo Jin as Kang Dong Seok in Wonderful Days runs on a treadmill to try and shake off his longing for Kim Hee Seon as Cha Hae Won;Lee Seo Jin stares into a mirror in a steamy bathroom thinking about the woman he loves

Colin Firth in a damp shirt and rumpled hair from the BBC 1995 miniseries Pride & Prejudice

Who is the hottest frustrated lover ever?

August 1, 2013

Stoker - Korean (sort of) film review

Film poster for StokerStoker is the first English-language film by Korean director Park Chan Wook. Park is well-known in Korea, mostly for vengeance-themed and horror films. Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode play the leads. The film also features Nicole Kidman, a longtime favorite of mine who never seems to age.

By U.S. standards, Stoker is shocking (yes, there are still a few things that can shock us), with an astronomically high ick factor, yet it’s so stylistically novel that it’s hard to stop watching. MORE…