April 8, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 47-48


Wants to marry her own dad? And that’s supposed to be sweet?? Eww.

Wait, it’s all Seo Young’s fault!? What happened to “why couldn’t you have gotten your act together a few years sooner?” (which made total sense). The karmic reciprocity of Seoyoung My Daughter is too matchy-matchy to miss, even if karma isn’t your thing. Except Sam Jae hasn’t said he’s sorry to her yet, has he? And then the Look Back – eww again. Call me prissy, but this conflation of romantic love with family love makes my flesh crawl.

I love Ji Seon’s little stage-whispered side chat with herself in the conversation with Ki Beom. Think about everything twice is good advice for us all. Ki Beom seems so surprised that no one in his family trusts him!

Sheesh, can’t the Lees just cry at weddings and eat cake? All this transformation-by-accidentally-witnessed-wedding-of-estranged-family-member stuff really upstages the bride.

What are those black things on the breakfast rice sketching out the hearts? I won’t say what they look like – it’s too gross. I guess this is just my eww episode.

I love Seo Young’s justification for not mentioning her alternate suitor’s GF. Right, she was just protecting his privacy. Not that I blame her a bit. Woo Jae sure didn’t waste a second on meaningless courtesies before sizing up and throwing down his gauntlet at the competition! Who is rather good-looking.

We are seeing a lot of Park Hae Jin’s cute side all of the sudden. Who knew?

Whoa, weird moment of delusional Gang Sun. I was remarking to myself in surprise that she actually liked Min Seok after all (and stranger still, he liked her), only to find it’s even weirder than that. Ki Beom lip-synching a love song? Never in my wildest dreams. I think Sung Jae is teaching Ki Beom the lesson Eun Su taught him, namely, that other people have feelings.

Gang Sun and Ji Seon’s talk just goes to show that there’s no friend like an old friend to remind you who you are. More feelings. Can we get through the episode without hearing that in song? (please)

Gyeong Ho has a personality?? Yet another surprise!

Now why is Lawyer Ko helping Seon Woo help Seo Young realize she still loves Woo Jae? Could that be more convoluted?! It’s this sort of thing that makes it so hard to talk about Kdrama to non-fans. And I kinda thought Lawyer Ko had a thing for Seo Young himself. But as the only adult in the drama, he knows and accepts that he hasn’t got a chance. So simple, so obvious… so rare.

Yay, a landmark moment of boundary-respecting by Woo Jae! A little diluted by the fact that it came after he found out her alternate suitor isn’t one, but still, never thought I’d live to see the day.

So has dad got an ulcer, or maybe it’s furniture finish poisoning? You’d better hurry up and apologize, Sam Jae.

Seo Young needs to have a talk with her transcorporeal oma about acting happy vs. being happy.

Aha, I’ve discovered another Kdrama waste metaphor for extreme preoccupation. We’ve all seen the running water metaphor, which was replaced during the Korean drought last spring by the standing with the fridge door open metaphor. But a wasted food metaphor – that’s big. I fear for Sam Jae.


Oh, right, Sang Woo is a doctor. It must be more serious than appendicitis or he’d tell Seo Young – unless he wants to milk this for a reunion (hmm, touch of the old Sang Woo if that). Of course, it would have to be his rescue of Woo Jae. And it would have to be Mi Kyung’s fault that he never got checked up. Seoyoung My Daughter takes place in a small, small universe. Of all the emergency rooms in all the towns in all the world… Omo, they’re actually going to let Sang Woo operate on his own dad? Wait, this is Seo Young’s fault, too?!

I cringe when Mi Kyung brightens up at the rare compliment from her harsh senior. Even if he was right that she needed to shape up, negative reinforcement is NOT the most effective instructional technique. And the inference of a romance just makes the uneven power dynamic ickier.

I find Min Seok entirely credible as a seductive gigolo, don’t you? And finally Gyeong Ho is showing a little family feeling for his stepmom. I think I could actually like him (American like), now that he’s cracked a smile or two and shown that he has human feelings. If he stops being such a jerk to his students, that is.

What’s up with Sun Jae getting his parents back together, anyhow? I thought he was on mom’s side. Hate is a sign of love?? Why are they letting a 20-year old emotionally educate them?

There we go, finally an apology from Sam Jae. Was that SO hard!?

I’ve seen some weird transformations in Kdrama, but turning a cold, abusive, philandering husband into his wife’s best shopping buddy – that’s new. Ki Beom offers some insightful advice when double-bed shopping “don’t look at my face, look at the beds.” Note that his first choice is covered in 3 inch deep red fur. ‘Nuff said.

He didn’t just have a drunken one-nighter with So Mi. He had at least one affair that we know about, which never did come out, did it? Ji Seon suspected, but if she’d known for sure, would she have made her bargain (even a lawyer-reviewed and notarized one)?

Oh, sheesh, so now dad giving up his dream is Seo Young’s fault, too?!

Alright, alright, I do detect sincere improvement from Woo Jae. “Don’t push the river” is definitely a different tune for him.

This is all very dramatic, but intubation isn’t that big a deal, right? (unless you don’t do it). Sheesh, they had first year interns doing it on Grey’s Anatomy.

Could they really kill dad off at the last moment? I couldn’t figure out whether his fluctuating heartrate with Sim Deok in the room indicated additional medical problems, or infatuation.

I suppose there’d be a karmic roundness to it (he did cause his wife’s death), but he learned his valuable lesson, changed his wicked ways, and even apologized, though it literally nearly killed him. So he’s all redeemed, right?

Since Seo Young is entirely to blame for everything that everybody else does, his death would be a real life-breaker for her. And think what it would do to Ho Jeong. No, I can’t see it. This doesn’t seem like the kind of drama to leave us with such regrets.

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2 comments to Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 47-48

  • sandy

    Wants to marry her own dad? And that’s supposed to be sweet?? Eww.

    hhh blame Freud’s theories… you know this intense love between the 2 has been hidden obviously its the reason why it turned into intense hatred

    Alright, alright, I do detect sincere improvement from Woo Jae. “Don’t push the river” is definitely a different tune for him.

    yes this was a surprise for SY and me too even though we should have seen it coming he has resigned his stalker role

    Now why is Lawyer Ko helping Seon Woo help Seo Young realize she still loves Woo Jae? Could that be more convoluted?! It’s this sort of thing that makes it so hard to talk about Kdrama to non-fans

    lol right like who would have expected those gossiping 2 to end up as match makers for theirs crushes its just because its a family friendly show and we dont to give lawyers a bad name but I never liked this guy though with his cheesy outfits and gossiping habits

    • Mihansa

      That’s funny. I had a completely different take on Lawyer Ko – in my eyes he was about the only rational (yet practical) character in the drama. He watched everyone else’s craziness from the sidelines, not in a cold superior way like Gyeong Ho, but with compassion and warmth. He tried to get Seon Woo to look at how excessive her own behavior was, but he didn’t really expect to succeed. He seemed to understand that some people just have to ride out their drama to the bitter end before they are open to the lesson, even when the train wreck ahead is totally obvious. His only mistake was in hiring her in the first place.

      Woo Jae dodged a bullet when he didn’t return Seon Woo’s interest. It never stops being only and entirely about her, even now. Her little “gifts” of insight to Seo Young just drive home the point that she has been desperate to make all along – that she is is in some way superior to Seo Young. What an ultra control freak! Seo Young’s pride is a birthday candle to Seon Woo’s volcano. Come to think of it, she’s a lot like Woo Jae – minus the charm. It’s hard to understand why she never got slapped in this drama. She was so, so ripe for it.

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