March 26, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 43-44


Hmm, Seo Young’s ex-stalker/potential boyfriend has gotten a lot more perceptive since high school. I didn’t see guilt in Seo Young’s face when she saw Woo Jae, however. First I saw pain, then fear.

As you’ve probably figured out from the numerous references in Seoyoung My Daughter, if you didn’t already know, seaweed soup is eaten on your personal birthday (as opposed to the communal birthday on the lunar New Year). Cake and presents are also common. Kids punch each other in the arm – Happy Birthday!

Returning to the theme of husbands getting new insight on their wives – Sang Woo gets a reality check on what Ho Jeong really wants. Does he understand that she didn’t tell him because she needed it to be spontaneous? Which it isn’t, of course. But then, posting a list on the internet was hedging her bets.

Sung Jae suddenly looks a lot more like a man than a boy in his scene with So Mi. I thought for a minute he was going to run after the cab. But no, time to regress and be fed by other mom. I wonder if they can really go back to how things used to be.

Finally, someone in this drama is calling someone else on stalking! Who? You may well ask. Is there anyone in Seoyoung My Daughter who hasn’t engaged in stalking?

Don’t you just hate it when a male character treats a female character like dirt, then criticizes her for low self esteem!!! Woo Jae may have conceptually grasped the flaws in his behavior, but it hasn’t had much of an impact. It’s still all about what he wants.

Whatever my issues with Woo Jae, I have to give Lee Sang Yoon credit for excellent facial emoting in this episode (and every other, except the ones where they have him loitering on the sidelines, waiting for the plot to turn in his direction again). You can literally watch the thoughts and feelings crossing Woo Jae’s face. And although Woo Jae’s behavior pisses me off royally, I can’t quite dislike him, which is entirely to LSY’s credit.

I have to agree with Seon Woo (first and last time ever) – she’s seriously late in accepting Woo Jae’s disinterest in her! Her repentance is rather anticlimactic. After all that villainous hatefulness, I was expecting less brain, more soap.

Abeonim designates daughter in law as head of house? Interesting. Women do the money managing in a lot of otherwise conservative U.S. households, but I’m a bit surprised to see it in this one.

Flowers do not fare well in this episode. First Seo Young flings around a very expensive-looking bouquet of long-stemmed roses that have already borne the stress of being out of water, and in and out of freezing weather all day, and then Mi Kyung bangs that equally expensive basket arrangement against her knees. Don’t blame the blossoms!

I knew Mi Kyung was the one to stand up to Mr. Arrogant. He makes even the old Sang Woo look warm and cuddly by comparison. I’d be offended by that crack about the U.S., except I kinda agree.

Speaking of agreement, Sam Jae seconds Sang Wu a little too enthusiastically when he says that Ho Jeong is too good for him, right? It may be true, but do you want your father saying that to you?

The bed scene is too funny. So shocked to be attracted to their spouse! I guess they really have been sleeping together platonically. In Kdrama, you never know. At least the frighteningly anti-erotic stuffed extraterrestrial no longer lies between them.

I could swear their bed has grown narrower.

I love the way Ji Seon can’t quite get her mouth around the word “sew.” I guess guys don’t sew in Korea. But Ji Seon doesn’t either. And look what all that questionable sewing leads to! Yes, adultery is actually a crime in Korea.

But what is up with the magician? I thought he was one of those quirky, semi-supernatural helper characters that sometimes crop up in Korean drama. I’m seriously disappointed in him, but still hoping for a twist that will restore his previous likeability.

After maneuvering her to the restaurant, Woo Jae orders for Seo Young. See, totally same old Woo Jae. Same old Seo Young, too. She not only didn’t stand up to Woo Jae, she went running when Ki Beom called. 왜요?! (why?!)

So much for Ji Seon’s plan to forget Seo Young quickly. Ki Beom effortlessly tops Woo Jae’s worst behavior, without a particle of shame or remorse. Insensitivity is too puny a name for it. When he interrupted his own tirade, saying he was at a loss for words, I only wished it was so!

Ji seon, on the other hand, is showing her new stripes (after a brief lapse into Victorian histrionics). The threat to hire Seo Young as her divorce lawyer was a nice touch. She’s been quite savvy in her perceptions, telling Sung Jae to stay home so Ki Beom will take her seriously, and arranging the sleepover without Gang Sun ever suspecting that her friend already knew her situation.

To Gang Sun, pondering why people want to lead their own lives – try it, you’ll like it. (And so will they). I was going to say something about grown women who are too afraid to sleep alone, but then Ji Seon attacked Gang Sun with her enthusiasm which was a little scary. I had a great idea: Gang Sun and Ki Beom. Made for each other, right?

Seollal, in case you’re wondering, is the lunar New Year. The rice cake soup is eaten to grow a year older (everybody gets a year older together on the New Year, as well as celebrating their individual birthdays). I don’t know what was going on with the stars though. Maybe someone can tell us in a comment? Also wondering how, exactly, “people are like tree frogs”??

I love Mi Kyung’s face when she makes the connection about Choi Gyeong Ho. At last, we find out what the heck he’s doing in Seoyoung My Daughter (about time, with only 6 episodes left to go). We’ve heard that story about what inspired her to become a doctor before. But it was what, all of 10 years ago, at the most? He can’t have changed that much. He’s, like, 30, and describing himself as “wrinkly and middle-aged”?!

I think Sang Wu is really starting to like his wife – Korean “like.” I’m so glad. Morally speaking, her stalking shouldn’t turn out well in the end, but it’s fiction and she’s irresistibly perky, so what the hell. And it’s good oppa has noona back in his life to offer some sisterly advice on how to really treat Ho Jeong right. So is Seo Young going to feel replaced by Ho Jeong now?

Oops, guess not, as she will be far too distracted by The Photo That She Wasn’t Meant to See. Ah, Sang Wu, if only you’d had enough relationship chops to delete the old lover photos when you married someone else!

But what am I saying. It was obviously a secret that couldn’t keep. And Sang Wu made his peace with it. And besides, isn’t Mi Kyung’s going to end up with Ho Jeong’s brother? Is dating your ex’s new wife’s half-brother some kind of incest? Technically, no, but it does make you wonder how people in such a densely populated country can’t ever seem to meet a stranger!

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