March 19, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 41-42


Episode 41
Oh, wow – a divorce room. I don’t think we have that in the U.S., do we? So easy, and yet so sad.

Sung Jae’s years of understanding his mom’s tantrum’s have given him a perception and sensitivity that is evident in his conversation with Seo Young. If only he could exercise the same abilities in his dating relationships!

Sam Jae is really opening up to Shim Deok, although I think it’s mostly because he’s too busy beating himself up to notice there’s another person in the room. Hard to fathom what she sees in him. We’ve witnessed some redeeming moments with Woo Jae and Ho Jeong, but Shim Deok’s never seen that side of him. Doesn’t it seem like a woman who weathered the storms of a non-traditional career for 17 years would be a little pickier?

It takes Mi Kyung quite awhile to catch on that Gyeong Ho is trying to help her recapture her “just one of the crowd” status. Which leaves me wondering, and not for the first time, whether she’s cut out to be a doctor. I do have to give her points for bucking gender stereotypes, especially with a dad like Ki Beom. I guess Gyeong Ho never gave her a previous reason to expect any kind of assistance. But we always suspected he had a soft spot for her, in his why-am-I-always-surrounded-by-imbeciles kinda way.

But then she asks Woo Jae never to let Seo Young find out about her relationship with Sang Woo. As if Mi Kyung actually knew Seo Young well, and has any clue what’s best for her. And as if Seo Young and Woo Jae’ll be hanging out a lot now that they’re divorced and he doesn’t know where she lives or works. Standing in the steaming ruins of the castle of lies, and Mi Kyung still hasn’t learned the lesson!

Ah, racquetball – an excellent alternative to drumming for the frustrated feminist in a man’s world. Seo Young hasn’t quite mastered that breaking out in self-expression thing, however. I was expecting at least ribbon curls, and instead she comes out of her perm with a flip straight out of the suburban 60s.

What a relief that Sang Woo has developed some genuine affection for Ho Jeong. She wasn’t the only one who was unsure of him. I could tell he was cut up about something, but whether it was Seo Young’s angst or his own was up in the air. I got over disliking him once, but I don’t know if I could do it a second time.

Love the look on Ki Beom’s face when Ji Seon tells him her activities are none of his business. It’s so good to see him at a loss for words :)

The Chocolate Fairy is a tarot reader too. Not a very good one, since The Hermit is actually more about introversion than literal solitude. What’s his story, I wonder? He knew Ji Seon’s name somehow. But he’s married, so he’s not a love interest. Hmm. I guess it’s never too late to add new characters.

Sung Jae is so obviously not the child of Ki Boem and So Mi, since he towers over both of them. But he’s cruel enough to be related to Ki Beom. He was much kinder to Seo Young than he is to his biological mom. And all in the name of taking care of his adoptive mom, who is working things through just fine on her own. Everybody’s a fixer for everybody else in Seoyoung My Daughter, instead of cleaning their own room. Aigoo.

Why are fashion photographers always handsome jerks in Kdrama? Finding out that the stalker who harassed you relentlessly in high school is your new neighbor doesn’t strike me as an auspicious opening day event. And what exactly did Yoon Hui mean about them “spending a lot of time together” in the first year of college? Sounds like he got over his “first love” pretty swiftly.

I fear he’ll become a new alternate love interest for Seo Young. Eonni, what is it with you and arrogant, pushy, high status guys? I really think you should work that out before you date again.

Episode 42
So let me get this straight – Woo Jae maneuvered Seo Young into a contract (her first as an independent lawyer, no less), for his own purposes, locking her up with him in a car against her will for a lengthy drive, and guilt-tripping her into eating with him (which is symbolic of closeness in Korea), all to explain how much better he recognizes his own self-centeredness now?!! I’m not feelin’ it, dude.

Of course, anyone who can describe Kang Ki Beom as charismatic is obviously a bit reality impaired. Bullying isn’t all that charismatic, somehow. But Woo Jae is also impossibly taller than his father, so perhaps he hasn’t noticed how Ki Beom needs to make everyone around him feel small.

Sam Jae doesn’t seem to be describing the Seo Yeong we know. Twisted? A Fool? Without skills?? He’s learned to see himself more clearly, but not his daughter. She hasn’t been the weaker baby for a long time. He seemed so sympathetic towards her. It was a shock to learn how negatively he perceives her. She is right to avoid him.

And also a shock to see Gang Sun worrying about her husband. Could she actually be thinking of someone besides herself? Naw, she must be afraid he’s doing something to embarrass her.

At last, Sung Jae extends some warmth to poor So Mi. And they’re even feeding each other, aww. He won’t really let her leave town, will he? Seo Young and Sang Woo are back on their twin wavelength, too.

Hah, we are finally going to find out what Gyeong Ho is doing in Seoyoung My Daughter! If he knew Mi Kyung before, he knew all along she was a rich girl. But why doesn’t she recognize him?

Not wild about a (sort of) reformed stalker in Seo Young’s life who rolls over her just like Woo Jae did, even if he is quite handsome. I’d rather see her with Seon Woo’s partner, Lawyer Ko, who actually admires and respects her. PhotoGuy has a good point about Seo Young celebrating her birthday to show herself some respect. Too bad he just said it to further his own agenda, which she did not look too comfortable with.

I almost forgive him just this once, though, since it looks like he’s about to show Woo Jae a Valuable Lesson. Guess what, Seo Young isn’t sitting home alone on her birthday, waiting for her ex-husband to show up and rescue her. Surprise. Now we’ll see how much progress (if any) Woo Jae has really made towards improving that bad personality!

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