February 25, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 35-36


Episode 35
Oooo, that Seon Woo is so evil. Can you believe she’s actually criticizing Mi Kyung for acting unselfishly?! Hate her! Mi Kyung, who has grown up a little, is feisty enough to take her, but I doubt Seon Woo can be trusted to keep Seo Young’s secret. Not that it’s much of a secret anymore.
Seon Woo looks up the walkway to Lee Sang Woo's front gate
And then Seon Woo has the gall to wonder why Seo Young wants nothing to do with her. Gee, could it be because she’s an obsessive, competitive bully who’s trying to undermine Seo Young and her marriage at every turn? Here’s a tip: Not a recipe for friendship! It was great to see the spirit of the old Seo Young rise to that occasion.

Poor Yoon So Mi. All those years of watching someone else mother Seong Jae. Doesn’t anyone have a shred of sympathy for her? I do. Except the part about being in love with Ki Beom.

Well, she reaped what she sowed (in Korean that would be a naughty pun, because you can say it without specifying who is reaping and who is sowing). Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that the restaurant just happens to be playing Danny Boy during the mothering conversation? Cosmic.

Sheesh, Seon Woo couldn’t even control herself ’til the end of the episode. But Woo Jae’s no more interested in her than he ever was.

Ha! Drums! I knew they were the therapy Ji Seon needed! One session, and she’s far more articulate about her feelings than she’s ever been before. And it looks like her heart is unblocked too. High time. I feel sure Seong Jae’s mousse was about to get ruffled.
Ji Seon and Seo Young join a troop of drummers on stage beating on tall silver drums
And Seon Woo AGAIN. Can I please, please send her far, far away for long-term in-patient therapy involving pharmaceuticals with unpleasant side effects? LOVE Seo Young turning the tables on her and blackmailing her back! THAT’S the Seo Young that got me into Seoyoung My Daughter in the first place.

But she shouldn’t be committing herself to divorce quite so quickly. Woo Jae’s been a lot less angry, hasn’t she noticed? Silly me, this is Seo Young who still hasn’t figured out that Woo Jae knows her secret. Of course she hasn’t noticed his equally obvious change of mood.

I’m glad Lee Sam Jae has finally succumbed to Ho Jeong’s charms. It was downright curmudgeonly of him to hold out as long as he did. She warmed him up enough to help out Shim Duk so they could have a moment of heartfelt parent-to-parent bonding. Next, he’ll be helping her with woodworking, since she just happens to be injured and he just happens to be unemployed, right? More cosmicity.

But I don’t see what an injured hand has to do with being too short to reach the light fixture. You just need a chair for that, not a man.

Episode 36
So it was Ki Beom who engineered the reunion. Hmm. You’d think the insight that makes him such a successful control freak might inspire a little empathy, but if so, it’s a long time coming. Thought for sure the mama-drama would lag on for at least another couple of episodes. Not that I’m complaining. We’ve never seen the Kangs have such a happy meal together before.
The Kang family sits smiling arund the breakfast table to welcome Seong Jae home
I’m glad So Mi stood up to Ji Seon, though it’s a little crazy to open the door to someone who has you shaking in your slippers, no? Ji Seon wants to hate her, but now that she’s drummed out her rage, she can’t resist a certain mother-to-mother empathy, no matter how much she tries.

I hope they eventually become friendly co-mothers. Ji Seon’s really getting the hang of this assertiveness thing, and So Mi needs some of that. A LOT of that. I’d like to watch them team up on Ki Beom, and show him a problem he can’t buy his way out of.

Seon Woo again. Sigh. Unlike most bullies, she’s surrounded by people who try to reform her. And yet. But at least she woke up the fierce Seo Young. Or was that because Seo Young went back to her nothing-to-lose place when Woo Jae said he didn’t love her anymore?

Ho Jeong and Sam Jae are so cute together. I think the novelty of ironing – on hands and knees! – will wear off swiftly, however. Her expression when she sees appa on TV is priceless.
Hong Yo Seop as Choi Min Seok smiles as Ho Jeong stares at the TV in shock with her fork halfway to her mouth
Shim Duk disappoints me, though. Sam Jae hasn’t been civil to her once, but she goes all gaga-eyed because he knows how to use a power saw? Seriously? Not to mention that she could do it perfectly well herself. As an openly female saw-owner, I can attest that it doesn’t take two hands to operate a circular saw.

Gang Sun and Ji Seon seem to speak a lot more frankly these days. I don’t think Gang Sun really would be happy with unlimited credit, since she feels there’s nothing left to dress up for at her age (which is what, 50-something?)… She really needs to get a life of her very own.

Ji Seon’s song karma is a little off in this scene. Pronouns are a little different in Korean, so maybe somebody confused I.O.U. with U.O.Me.

Seo Young can really hold her own with Seon Woo, who not only lacks an entourage, but is not very smart for a bully. I had to snort when Seon Woo said she’s not that rash. Who does she think she’s kidding? She obviously has no impulse control whatsoever. I’ll be shocked if she keeps it to herself through the end of this episode.

So what exactly was Ho Jeong’s bathroom issue?? She didn’t want Sang Woo to know that she pooped? But snoring is so sexy? Is she old enough to get married?

And when did Lee Sam Jae become Mister Sensitive??

Spunky Seo Young is like an archer who never misses the target. She hones right in on an adversary’s faulty motivations, refusing to be put on the defensive. In two sentences, she cuts Woo Jae down to size for his lack of compassion, sympathy, and loyalty. That’s our girl. Where’ve you been all this time?

Ji Seon’s brush with family upheaval has grounded her. Her donation revenge on Ki Beom is delicious. And then she uses her hauteur to hit Seon Woo with the best reality check yet. I’d have given her points just for thinking beyond herself for a change, but threatening to go to Seon Woo’s parents puts Seon Woo right in the schoolyard where she belongs.

What a pity Seo Young’s secret had to spoil Ji Seon’s first constructive exercise of authority. But hardly a surprise. Didn’t we know Seon Woo would be the one to out Seo Young the minute we learned that the serendipitous job offer came from her? And as for her promise to Mi Kyung, well, what’s a promise compared to wounded pride?

Seo Young sits on a step weeping, as Woo Jae looks on from behind herWoo Jae’s finally got his thinking cap on straight, except for pretending he knows nothing. Dude, you just saw how secrecy worked out for Seo Young. Did it teach you nothing?

His change of heart has been brewing for awhile, but he waited too long to tell Seo Young. Note to guys: This is what happens when you discuss your marriage with your buddy instead of your wife. And BTW, why is it OK to talk about his most intimate private life with Seung Woo (in case there weren’t enough confusingly similar names in Seoyoung My Daughter already), but not about Seong Jae’s adoption?

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad time to tell the folks, though. Their understanding of each other is in flux anyway. How much more shocked can they get? And of course, although Ho Jeong is about the only affected person left who isn’t in on the secret, no one except Yun Hui knows the full story. Or has bothered to ask, more’s the pity.

I’ve read that Koreans feel a sincere apology must be undiluted by any attempt at explanation, since that comes across as justification. Kdrama writers leverage this perspective for all it’s worth, ramping up miscommunication into injustice and martyrdom by keeping crucial truths unspoken.

“Don’t live like that,” viewers cry at the screen. “Justification and explanation are two different things. What’s so authentic about perpetuating a misunderstanding?” But to no avail. It’s like the cell phone thing (see 5 signs that you are watching a Korean drama) – you can ache for common sense all you want, but in Kdramaland? Cholttae.

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