February 20, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 33-34



Hah! Just what I thought! Conceived in a drunken blackout. It’s the perfect fit for Seoyoung My Daughter.

Ji Seon has been a caricature up until now, but Kim Hye Ohk expresses her anguish and imploding sense of identity so palpably in the park scene that we are reminded even the shallowest people have feelings.

Dad (Choi Jung Woo) is more penitent than I’d have given him credit for, but is Ji Seon really going to torture the son she’s doted on for years? And does no one feel for his real mother?

As for Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin), Eun Su (Kim Seol Hyun) dished up the most sensational revenge ever. She doesn’t pull a single punch, and who can blame her – he needed that lesson. We knew he was a jerk with women, but we didn’t realize the extremity of it.

Her timing couldn’t have been more devastating if she’d set up the birth secret reveal too. I could’ve sworn her secret smiles in previous episodes signified a triumph more romantic than malicious. Or was that just the writer’s trick on the viewers?

No, I don’t believe it. I predict she, too, is heading for a lesson in remorse, when she finds out what Sung Jae is going through. After all, she liked him once, and in Kdrama, first love is a b***h to kick. Also, the vengeful tend not to be rewarded in the long run, but romance between people who have done unforgivable things to each other is practically a given.

I do think they could’ve found a way to uglify Kim Seol Hyun without stuffing her mouth so full of an oversized dental device that she can barely squeeze her lines out past it.

As for Gyeong Ho (Shim Hyung Tak), now that Mi Kyung (Park Jung Ah) is talking about how unlikable he is, I feel quite sure he’ll be her new love interest.

Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) looks surprised by Ho Jeong’s (Choi Yun Young) utter faith in him, or is it an utter disinterest in his career? Hmm.


Lee Jung Shin doesn’t quite pull off life-shaking shock, but he does manage to look very young for his height. Overall, he’s been doing quite well for his first role in a drama. He sure can rock out.

Mom sleeping on his bed reminds me of cats lying on the clothes you just took off, no matter how cold, studded, or bunched up they are. I knew she couldn’t cast him off so easily.

Poor Ji Seon. She doesn’t come first with anyone, not even her own parents. Not that she lets that slow her down. You go, er, woman. I’m a little surprised they have no-fault divorce in Korea.

At least Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) has someone to care about her feelings, though she doesn’t seem to appreciate it much. Warm up, Seo Young. You’ve got a friend!

And now that the older generation has moved into the spotlight, Woo Jae is back to hovering in the wings, watching Seo Young bemusedly. Dear Writer: we can follow more than one story line at a time, I swear. You don’t have to sideline characters for episodes at a time because things are happening to someone else.

Only men can saw? Well, I never got that memo, so don’t think you’re getting any of my saws away from me now. Sam Jae’s (Cheon Ho Jin) sexism is rather selective – was he even around to object when Seo Yeong was motorbiking around doing restaurant deliveries to support his family? You’d think rescuing Shim Duk (Lee Il Hwa) from sexual harassment would be enough of an ego boost.

Hah, when Mi Kyung got caught gossiping about Gyeong Ho, the lady doth protest her disinterest too much, methinks. Told ya.

What did Seon Woo’s (Jang Hee Jin) gift to Sang Woo in Seo Young’s name prove?? If he hadn’t known a Lee Seo Young, did she imagine he would fling the package to the floor, while shouting, “I don’t know anyone by that name!” to all and sundry?

It’s a tough call in Seoyoung My Daughter, with a stalker ratio of 110%, but I think Seon Woo takes the Super Stalker prize. Not only is it questionable whether he ever had an interest in her in the first place, but Woo Jae (Lee Sang Yun) has been married to someone else for 3 years. Yikes!

Not sure what I think about Sang Woo staying at the same hospital as Mi Kyung. She left out one possibility as to why he planned to leave. If not for her sake, or Ho Jeong’s, perhaps he doesn’t trust himself.

Hmm, but only 16 episodes to go. Maybe that’s long enough for Sang Woo to develop marriage problems and be tempted to rekindle things with Mi Kyung, but I don’t think it’s long enough for him to actually cheat. Although there was talk about extending the series…

But he couldn’t do that to Ho Jeong, now that he knows her – could he? It would be like stomping on a butterfly. Once upon a time, she was smarter and tougher, albeit in an indirect way. Now that she’s married, though, the most we can wish for her is that he does one day look back. I wonder what happened to her doll business?

By the way, great tip about celery making things bitter. It solved a culinary mystery that had been puzzling me for years. That’s why I watch Korean drama, for its educational value :) But wait a minute. If I’m not supposed to saw, is dad supposed to cook?

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