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February 9, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 29-30


Seoyoung My Daughter is teetering precariously on the soap opera cliffs again in Episode 29, but pulls back a little in Episode 30. You can see “I’m not worthy of this woman, and what am I doing to her?” written all over Sang Woo’s face when he’s with Ho Jeong (Choi Yoon Young). Good question. What a contrast Ho Jeong is to Mi Kyung! Just goes to show you, rich girls can be humble. Or at least emotionally intelligent about getting their way.
Seoyoung My Daughter Episode 30 Sang Woo holds a blushing Ho Jeong's hand after putting her ring on and tells her they'll get closer over time

Her cup is full. His plate is empty.

So, is in-law incest a dealbreaker, or isn’t it?? Mi Kyung (Park Jung Ah) doesn’t seem to think so. Or is her suggestion that they get married anyway supposed to show how completely obsessed and single-minded she is – in case we somehow hadn’t noticed yet? Of course, that’s just what it was. So we could heave a huge sigh of relief in Episode 30 when she finally let go.

Love the prayers of the mothers. And Gang Sun’s characterization of daughters-in-law “rotting inside.”

My Daughter Seo Young Episode 29 - Sung Jae  is shocked and his cheeks redden when the girl her likes places her hand on his chestPoor Sung Jae. You’d think he’d be more prepared for his love object’s mind games. After all, he likes her because she reminds him so much of Seo Young, who always had the upper hand. Lee Jung Shin plays youth trying to be cool so well that I feel a little sorry for Sung Jae, even though he totally has it coming. Of course, we know what he doesn’t, that she does like him.

Weepy Doormat Seo Young and Climb Every Mountain Seo Young are such different animals, I’m having a hard time reconciling them into one person. Maybe she’s really a triplet? Even the writer felt a need to get her drunk so she could explain her change of character. At least she’s now receiving support from unexpected quarters, as former adversaries become friends.

Mother-in-law (Kim Hye Ok) is becoming more feminist by the day, chastising Woo Jae for being as misogynist as his father. Too bad he didn’t take it to heart, but instead used it as inspiration to rise to new heights of nastiness. Is womanizing supposed to be some kind of gold-digger test? If she married him for money, she’ll tolerate anything? But has he considered what he’s doing to their relationship if she married him for love?

Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) also disregarded mom. 시어머니* may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but she qualifies as an expert on bullying husbands. Despite her warnings, Seo Young attempts wifely submissiveness, which only makes things worse. Hard to comprehend how she could’ve expected anything else, the way Woo Jae’s been treating her lately.

Seoyoung My Daughter is lapsing into heavy-handed use of music again, with Both Sides Now in the background as Woo Jae (Lee Sang Yoon) confesses to his friend what a jerk he’s been. Yeah, yeah, we get it. He slipped off his soft puffy cloud of infatuation to wallow in a sea of bitterness. Give us credit for being awake.
Seoyoung My Daughter Episode 29 Woo Jae broods over drinks with his cynical friend
Woo Jae needs to find a less cynical listening post. What a mess he is, lying like a rug to wife, family and colleagues while nursing his grudge against Seo Young for dishonesty. With his tendency towards arrogance, you’d think he’d have more faith in his own rightness about things, if not in Seo Young. But that’s really the problem, isn’t it? He doesn’t know how to live with having been wrong. He isn’t just grappling with a changed idea of Seo Young, but with a changed idea of himself.

Blissed out guy-in-love Woo Jae was a little unreal, but lying, sneaking, assuming, avenging Woo Jae is just as extreme. Surely there’s some middle ground. Seo Young, too, is finding out who she really married.

His sister isn’t impressing me any either. Everything has to be about her. Sheesh, the ego of the Kangs is boundless. Greedy, greedy, greedy. Mi Kyung finally shows a whisper of decency in keeping Seo Young’s secret to herself. Still, I’m happy to see Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) getting his priorities straight and changing hospitals.

Seoyoung My Daughter Epsiode 29 - Sung Jae and his mom raise wine glasses to toast to freedom in the dining room of their upscale hotel suiteThe expression on dad’s face when wife and son choose option 2 is priceless. I saw that exact same expression on the backyard bully’s face when I finally took my parents’ advice and punched him back (we were 8). How disappointing that our petty tyrant (Choi Jung Woo) turned out to be right about their entire lack of a long range plan. I was really hoping mom had some money of her own stashed away somewhere, and they were going to knock him out of his smugness.

Ah, well, 20 more episodes of Seoyoung My Daughter to go. There’s still time.

* mother-in-law

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