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January 29, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 27-28


Episodes 27 & 28 of Seoyoung My Daughter brings us more loan sharks. Goody! As long as they aren’t tamed into sympathetic characters later. I love a good tragic villain, but loan sharks are just scummy. And how can we relieve our stress without villains to hate? This is entertainment, not church. Moral ambiguity just isn’t relaxing.

Ho Jeong's mother covers her mouth with a scarf to disguise her identity  as she spies on Ho Jeong and Sang Woo

Love the way people skulk in Kdrama, bending over, tiptoeing, and covering their eyes like 3 year olds to make themselves invisible to others. Because that won’t attract attention.

I’m dying to know what Sung Jae offered Executive Yun to keep his career diversion on the down-low, aren’t you? And who will Woo Jae side with now that he’s discovered his wife’s secret destroyed his sister’s romance? Will the irony of his tirade to Mi Kyung about Sang Woo’s weak love ever come home to roost?

Stepford Seo Young makes me shudder, as she follows marital advice from a raging misogynist, and watches a man knock a woman down and drag her into his car before acting. At first glance, confronting a thug armed with nothing but legal jargon might be mistaken for a revival of courage, but I think she’s just too distracted to know fear.

I bet our new butchy lady woodworker would’ve just whacked him with a 2×4. And now Lee Sam Jae is all intrigued, despite her gruesome table manners, because she knows her lumbers. I guess Korea doesn’t protect the elderly from age discrimination in housing. How odd, in such an age-reverential culture. Of course, you know the Lees are going to end up living in her building anyway, to bring our two woodworkers together. Seoyoung My Daughter has 22 more episodes to go, and Sam Jae still has a livelihood issue to resolve.

Seo Yeong weeps copiously as Sang Woo apologizesHow do you like Sang Woo’s reasoning that it will somehow hurt Ho Jeong less to actually marry her without loving her, as opposed to only pretending to? And he’s treating sick people with that brain! He has, at least, finally gotten in touch with his feelings enough to weep. But noona* has him beat. Lee Bo Young can cry like Niagara Falls! It’s high time Sang Woo recognized Seo Young’s sacrifices on his behalf, but taking care of dad for the rest of his life isn’t doing her any favors. That’s what an oldest son is supposed to do in Korea.

Seo Young finally recovers enough assertiveness to question Woo Jae, but her brain is still gone. She just can’t imagine what could possibly be upsetting him. And now we learn she had yet another secret. I’m starting to agree with him about her easy lies. Of course, he’s watched her playing up to his mom for three years, so why does that shock him?

Sang Woo and Sam Jae are hilarious in their solution – produce a child on command (no, make that a double). Even without the birth control, how does she plan to get pregnant when her husband is barely speaking to her? And what if he can’t forgive her even then? Not to mention his family’s reaction. Poor baby. Oh well.

I’d call Sang Woo cruel for telling Mi Kyung he was right to dump her, but since she walked into his (providentially unlocked. 진짜?!**) apartment and started rummaging through his stuff, not so much.

Woo Jae’s oma*** can really hit those trans-soprano notes during a tantrum. As she and Seo Young discuss what she should do with her time, I find myself wriggling in my seat and yelling “drum dancer, drum dancer!”, like an anxious kid with the right answer. I want to see that really badly.

Downtrodden spouses of the older generation are at last rising up. And the male colleague at Seo Young’s firm has a purpose after all – to offer Seo Young an alternative to Woo Jae. Watch out Woo Jae. Don’t stew for too long. Seo Young is still a catch.

* 누나 = noona (older sister of a male)
** 진짜 = chincha (really)
***엄마 = oma (mom)

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