January 21, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 25-26


Seoyoung My Daughter is turning into A Valuable Lesson on the Pitfalls of Workplace Romance. Park Hae Jin is doing an excellent portrayal of a man at the end of his rope. But it could never be enough to justify Sang Woo’s exploitation of Ho Jeong’s feelings. Just change hospitals, dude. Sheesh.

Another prominent theme in episodes 25-26 of Seoyoung My Daughter is Overlooking the Obvious. How can people smart enough to become medical residents not have figured out that something is going on between Sang Woo and Mi Kyung?? Kang Sun still hasn’t noticed that her husband is unemployed.

And then there’s Seo Yeong with the Secret Past, looking perpetually puzzled by her loving husband’s abrupt and total change of character. Even when he starts talking about trust and pain, no lightbulb. He throws her a chance to come clean (a little overdue, but better late than never), so she chooses that moment to dig in her heels, when he obviously ALREADY KNOWS THE SECRET. Hello, girlfriend, I thought you were supposed to be bright?!

Guess Seo Yeong lost her intelligence along with most of her feistiness when she tied the knot. However, she manages to dredge up a scrap of her former spunk to put Seon Wu in her place once again. Get a clue, Seon Wu – you’re also supposed to be smart! Not that I’m complaining, since I never tire of watching catty wannabe bullies get their comeuppance. Her male colleague seems to get quite a kick out of it too. In fact, since he finished recruiting Seo Yeong, that’s been the sole function of his character.

Speaking of feistiness, I’m liking the new firebrand character. Since Lee Sam Jae dislikes her on sight, I assume she is destined to be his love interest. Hope she doesn’t lose her edge when they hook up.

Why did they build up the mystery of how Sung Jae’s acting teacher knew so much about him for such a whimper of a reveal? I left the room for a minute and almost missed it. Have we ever seen that friend of his before? Will we ever see him again?

And then there’s Ho Jeong. Sigh. She tries so hard. For a moment there, I thought she was going to grasp the fact that her girlfriend and love interest are the most phenomenally selfish, addicted, and overdramatic people ever, and cleanse herself of them with a healing flame. But no.

I’d like to say the Seoyoung My Daughter storyline has excelled in absurdity, at least, but I can’t even give it that. There is a very similar plotline in the currently airing drama, Love, My Love. And we haven’t even gotten into the Birth Secrets that have been hinted at in both the Choi and Kang families yet.

All Seoyoung My Daughter lacks is a good organist.

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