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January 13, 2013

Seoyoung My Daughter – Episode 23-24

Woo Jae smiles as as he walks on the beach with Seo YoungHmm, once again Seoyoung My Daughter is crashing on the rocky shoals of makjang, as the soap opera sound track swells in the background. Bludgeoning us with expositional music is an insult to the actors. Lee Sang Woo is doing a particularly excellent transformation, requiring no assistance whatsoever from swoopy violins.

Sang Woo has finally uttered an apology! There’s something I wasn’t sure I’d ever see. Of course, he went so completely off the deep end in trashing Ho Jeong, he really had to, or we would have stopped caring what happened to him. And we still have 26 episodes left (or maybe 46, if the extension gels – and the actors get paid).

The stalker genes have now manifested in all three Seoyoung My Daughter families. Not much of a surprise in Ho Jeong’s mom, or in Woo Jae, who never really quit. But Mi Kyeong is now entering the stalker zone with her manipulative love tests, locked doors, texted demands, and threats. I thought Sang Woo’s breakup speech was as good as it could’ve been, under the circumstances. Excessively rational, but that’s him. Lies preclude real closeness exactly as he said. And it’s certainly true he would never have dated Mi Kyeong if he’d known she was his sister-in-law.

As for Mi Kyeong, is her conviction that he still loves her based on her own intuition and intimate knowledge of him? No, it’s based on the perceptions of her co-stalker, Ho Jeong. Hey, Mi Kyeong, stalkers always believe they know the feelings of their prey, it’s part of the syndrome. More to the point, fixating on the reason doesn’t change the reality that oppa threw you away. Even if he stills loves you, why would you want to be involved with someone who doesn’t want to be involved with you? Show some self-respect, girlfriend.

There I go, applying reality again. Silly me. In Seoyoung My Daughter stalkers are correct in every invasive assumption (we saw this already with Woo Jae). I know I should feel more sympathetic to Mi Kyeong, but I like her a lot less since she coerced Ho Jeong into setting up the drunken rescue scenario. That was colossally uncool.

Woo Jae looks grim as he watches an assistant question the real Yu ManhoEntertaining to see that Woo Jae is still showering Seo Young with food. Less entertaining that he doesn’t just ask her about the photo. And how long is he going to have to avoid her before it occurs to Seo Young that her cover is blown? If fear of discovery has so stressed her that she’s having fertility issues, wouldn’t that be her first thought? Apparently not.

It was good to see Yeon Hui channel a bit of her high school spitefulness to blow off Seon Wu’s questions. And then there was Sung Jae’s version of a male purse drop when his tutor touched his abdomen. Are he and Ho Jeong’s dad going to wind up in acting classes together? I’m becoming more interested in the evolution of the parents. Hopefully it’ll be delivered at a lower pitch than the younger generation. Seoyoung My Daughter’s drama with a capital RAM is wearing me down.

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