November 27, 2012

Seoyeong My Daughter – Episodes 9-10


Episode 9 – In this episode of Seoyeong My Daughter, everybody gets an education. Mom (Kim Hye Ok) gets a lesson on marrying for money from dad (Choi Jung Woo). Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin) gets a lesson on acceptance of reality from Seo Yeong (Lee Bo Young). Hah! How ironic is that!?

Fittingly, Lee Seo Yeong gets a lesson on the consequences of fibbing – from everyone. Kang Woo Jae (Lee Sang Yoon) gets a lesson on what parents say versus what they really mean. You’d think a guy as smart and as old as he is would not be so surprised.
Woo Jae sits on mom's bed with a bag of food he has brought to cheer her up;

Seo Yeong faces the camera looking surprised to hear Woo Jae's voice from the bench behind herMoney aside, the Kang family is a writhing cauldron of dysfunction, not one iota better than the Lees. Maybe worse, since there are more of them. Seo Yeong was well out of it IMO. But she has a past episode review, and I can see we’re headed straight for flip-flopville.

Wouldn’t Ho Jeong (Choi Yoon Young) be perfect for Sung Jae? She’s a very young 24, so they’re emotionally the same age. Seon Woo did unbend a little, but could he ever be warm enough for her, or she bright enough for him? Hard to picture. Then again, anything would be better than her fists-first stepmother (Song Ok Sook). What is wrong with all the parents in this drama??? Not a reasonable human being among them.

Seon Woo embraces his sister Seo Yeong who is weeping after a fight with him;Seo Yeong’s lie begat another, and then another. This is why you should never tell lies, boys and girls. They reproduce like bunnies. And when obstacles become insurmountable, there’s nothing left to do but run away to America!

Episode 10 – Hmm, Seoyeong My Daughter is getting a little too melodramatic for my tastes. Not loving the heavy-handed use of dramatic music to tell us Something Big is happening, in case we had completely overlooked the script and the actors. I hope this screechy patch is temporary.

Am I really supposed to believe Seo Yeong has fallen off the truthfulness wagon with such a vengeance after a lifetime of fearless honesty? Goddess save the victims of love.

Woo Jae tells Seo Yeong how good it feels to think of others as they lie on the grass together;Woo Jae’s gratification at his own unselfishness is hilarious. I’m no advocate for martyrdom, but hyeong’s humility still needs work. He’s popping up all over this episode as the good boyfriend, yet he’s a step removed from Seo Yeong, barricaded behind her Big Secret. Lee Sang Yoon balances Woo Jae’s self-satisfaction with his vulnerability superbly, keeping him just on the right side of likable.

Stepmom’s insights into Ho Jeong’s fixity does put a different spin on the bodyguard thing, at least. Since one of our romances has just gone on hold for three years, I predict a timeslip in our future. If Ho Jeong can really summon that kind of self-discipline, that is. Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) and Sung Jae both make careless promises in this episode, which I suspect will come back to haunt them.

Sang Woo’s identification with the like-gendered parent combined with his hatred for the rich has inspired him to new extremes. Sheesh, if anyone should understand, it’s him. Why are all these people making themselves as miserable as possible??
Woo Jae's family and Seo Yeong are seated in his living room having another awkward family conference;
Raise your hand if you foresaw the closing scene of this episode the minute dad’s friend mentioned the seat-filler job. If he has a heart attack and dies at the wedding, this drama and I are finished.

Seon Woo looks after Seo Yeong after telling her he will be dead to her too;

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