November 24, 2012

Seoyeong My Daughter – Episodes 7-8


Episode 7 – Seven episodes into Seoyeong My Daughter, the s-word is finally mentioned! But is it Seo Yeong (Lee Bo Young) who calls Woo Jae (Lee Sang Yun) a stalker? No, it is not. Never mind that he shadows her bus on a 4 hour drive, then skulks around in the shrubbery, eavesdropping on an extremely private moment. And how did she not notice his SUV creeping up a deserted country road behind her?? Maybe it was a hybrid in electric mode?
Seoyoung weeps on the bus, while Ujae's SUV hovers just outside her window;
She does recover her boundaries enough to point out that “no means no” later in the episode. This wouldn’t have been as effective when they were sitting at a scenic resort in fluffy bathrobes, drinking red ginseng tea. Good for stress, and also a male aphrodisiac, in case you were wondering. But luckily she waited until they were back in street clothes. And come to think of it, why was she in a bathrobe? She just got her feet wet.

If only I could dislike Woo Jae, but I can’t quite. His sincerity shines through his utter inability to act respectfully towards another human being. And I really don’t want him to marry that awful Seon Woo, speaking of stalkers.

But what is up with dad and mom? I thought for sure he’d hit the roof, while she’d be on Woo Jae’s side, but it looks more like the reverse. Did they body switch?? Poor Sung Jae.

As for Sang Woo, I hope he’s not as indifferent to Ho Jeong (Choi Yoon Young) as he says. I think she’s got a chance, since he made such a point of saying he could never be interested in her. Absolutism like that just begs for a comeuppance in Kdramaland.

I’ve got nothing against Mi Kyung, but wouldn’t her money be a deal-breaker for him? Not to mention the whole in-law incest thing, because we know Woo Jae’s going to get his way in the end. We can only hope he gains a little humility in the process.

Lee Sam Jae looks shocked an ashamed as he realizes how much he has upset his children;Seo Yeong and Sang Woo’s father (Cheon Ho Jin) has been trying so hard, we could almost feel that Seo Yeong was being too hard on him. But she articulates her reasons so irrefutably in this episode that dad finally has to face how seriously his behavior has impacted his family. If only they would stop connecting Seo Yeong’s independence to her dad’s bad behavior. As if no adult woman would want economic autonomy, and to get to know a man before marrying him, unless she had trust issues. Seriously?!

Episode 8 – Whew, that was intense. One might even say melodramatic. Why do they call it that, anyway? There’s nothing mellow about it! I hope Seoyeong My Daughter doesn’t segue from a breakneck beginning to one of those drawn-out flip-flopping mid-sections.

We have the “love” obsessed versus the money obsessed. Six of one, I say. Poor Ho Jeong. I don’t know which is more pitiful: falling so hard for Mr. Indifferent, or stepmom (Song Ok Suk) trying to beat materialism into her. If money is so valuable, stepmom, why aren’t you happy? I love Ho Jeong’s line about her heart having a mind of its own. Oh, darlin’, don’t we all know that one.
Hysterical stepmom beats on the lovelorn Ho Jeong;
Seo Yeong’s dad is beginning to get a clue. Sort of. Seo Yeong is going to regret her uncharacteristic lie, I feel sure. When an emotional truth is presented as a literal one in dramaland, it never ends well.

Woo Jae is more like his dad than he realizes. Single-minded is an understatement! Given his own struggles, can’t he comprehend Seo Yeong’s need for self-sufficiency? Apparently not. He’d better put an escape clause in that contract in case no really does mean no. She’s said it enough times.

I’d forgotten about the oldest son thing – no wonder dad was so ballistic. In case you don’t know, the oldest son in a Korean family is responsible for living with and caring for his parents until they die. I don’t like Woo Jae’s dad one bit, but he’s not so dumb. He understands Seo Yeong’s priorities a lot better than Woo Jae does. Too bad his insight doesn’t extend to his own wife.

Who is that divorced assistant of dad’s who is so interested in Sung Jae, anyway? Seems awfully outspoken and involved in his family for a non-family member.

I love how mom and Sung Jae are so telepathically linked that they engage in separate but simultaneous retributive shopping sprees. But why is mom (Kim Hye Ok) losing it so badly? Didn’t she say to be sure to marry for love?? The only emotionally stable mom in this drama is already dead!

And what’s so shocking about being an orphan? Most of us are sooner or later, right? Maybe it’s the bride gift thing. Plus, since when can orphans not have siblings??
Sung Jae looks yearningly across the aisle of a bus at Seoyeong;
Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin) is taking it all very well, considering that his heart was just crushed. Shame on Seo Yeong for using his feelings to manipulate him into keeping her secret. I like him better than anyone else in the family right now. Seon Woo might not be good for much, but I’m glad she told Mi Kyung to stop testing her boyfriends.

Note: The 100-day anniversary of a relationship is a common time for men to propose, at least with arranged meetings.

I’ve never paid much attention to TV writers, since they typically write in groups and change from episode to episode in the U.S. It’s a different story in Korea, however, where one person writes the whole drama. I was moved to look up the writer of Seoyeong My Daughter and make a note of it: So Hyun Kyung.

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