December 15, 2012

Seoyeong My Daughter – Episodes 11-15


Episodes 11 – 14: Hah, timeslip! Told ya so! Episode 11 of Seoyeong My Daughter is a catch-up episode, establishing the new status quo. Only to rip it to shreds again, no doubt, but it’s a welcome break.

Drama math is a wondrous, stretchy thing. Ho Jeong (Choi Yoon Young) leaves Korea at 24, and comes back 3 years later at 30. No, wait, she’s only 26, another miracle. Seo Yeong (Lee Bo Young) rises from student to reluctant judge in the same 3 years.

Kdrama’s national love obstacle has not been neglected. For a minute there we get the dizzying impression that Ho Jeong is dating her own brother. He’s creepy enough. But no, of course she is still fixated on Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin).

Sang Woo and Mi Gyeong (Park Jung Ah) are our potentially incestuous couple. So far, in-law incest has been a deal-breaker in every drama I’ve seen, except when in-laws get married before they know they’re in-laws. Which means that even though Mi Gyeong seems like the better match for Sang Woo, Ho Jeong may still be in the running. And she knows Mi Gyeong’s secret, but she’s not the malicious type, so I bet she outs her accidentally. On second thought, I wouldn’t bet much on her better nature when it comes to pursuing Sang Woo.

We don’t see much of Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin) in these episodes, just enough to hint that he may wind up involved with the family business after all. Not quite in the way dad intended, however. I miss the floppy hair, but loved the training for romantic lines with corks in the mouth. Breath control is SO important when confessing, 네? Without it, you could get the hiccups midstream – unthinkable!

I’d still like to see Sung Jae with Ho Jeong. Maybe her mom will set them up on a blind date, though one shudders to think how Ho Jeong would behave. We still don’t know why his dad’s executive sec (love the way she mocks the new title for the same work) is so interested in everything to do with him, although we have our suspicions.

But no, surely the writer didn’t do that to Sung Jae’s mom (Kim Hye Ok). She’s venal, self-absorbed, snobbish, and not very bright, but taking away her son on top of her husband’s abuse would be too cruel. It’s a shame none of her kids stands up for her. And she can’t even relieve her stress by pulling rank on her daughter-in-law, because Seo Yeong is too danged perfect. Though I think that’s going to come crashing down any time now.

Speaking of Seo Yeong, she jumped into that lawyer job awfully quickly. Doesn’t she realize most law firms are not focused on helping the poor and downtrodden? Such carelessness doesn’t seem like Seo Young. Maybe the burden of her secret is taking its toll. Enough to make her faint? Qué Victorian!

It’s good to see that Seo Yeong’s dad (Cheon Ho Jin) is alive and cheerful, if a bit stalkery. How ironic that Sang Woo is perturbed by dad’s apparent disinterest when he’s the one who dropped noona like a hot coal. Sang Woo’s problem is that he thinks everyone is (or should be) just like him.

Stalking seems to run in Seo Yeong’s family. I guess we can only be glad her dad saved her husband’s life, but how ironic is that, when Sang Woo told her to stop reverse-stalking them? He is so harsh with Seo Yeong. Finding out that Seo Yeong was the favorite explains a lot. Fine gratitude for her deferring her own education to pay for his, but I suppose he just resents her more for that. Sang Woo does get points for being gentle with poor Ho Jeong, though he certainly should’ve seen something coming. Hard to picture them getting together, even if he has to break up with Mi Gyeong.

Woo Jae has stalking tendencies of his own, in his relentless pursuit of his benefactor. I fear for their kids, getting the stalker genes from both sides. Reformed Woo Jae was a little too good to be true, but now we see the old familiar impatience and stubbornness in his pursuit of Seo Young’s father. After assessing, quite correctly, that dad wouldn’t take a job if he knew it came from him, why is Woo Jae showing up in the locker room 60 seconds after dad starts the job?? Humility never was his strong suit.

Episode 15: I may continue watching Seoyeong My Daughter since it’s in such an inviting timeslot, but I’m going to focus my writing elsewhere. It’s gone makjang, and I don’t think it’s coming back. Everyone in it is severely dysfunctional, even the dopey (former) innocents. I just can’t care what happens to them. Life is short, and dramas are many.

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