November 14, 2012

Seoyeong My Daughter – Episodes 1-6

A young man slow dances with his smiling mom in front of a white grand piano;Episode 1 – Seoyeong My Daughter is off to a rip-roaring start! Fractured families, unhappy marriages, financial woes, health emergencies, and a couple of photogenic strangers who somehow keep crossing paths in a city of 10 million. All in the first episode, which ends with them stubbornly glaring at each other. Can romance be far behind?

Episode 2 – Sheesh! Seo Yeong’s brother is a tad judgmental and mean to the damsel in distress he rescued, no? Can’t he tell from her childlike makeup and fluffy pink skirt that’s she’s not that kind of a girl?

And how exactly did shortening a dress from knee to thigh length remove a plate-sized stain at belly level??

Episode 3 – That’s a mighty big chip on your shoulder, Seo Yeong’s brother. Hard to understand what women see in chilly you. Handsome is as handsome does.

Episode 4 – 와! Seo Yeong unapologetically embraces the vision of springing from her mama’s womb with a NOW banner in her tiny fist.
Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon glare at each other after an argument in the street;
Lee Sang Yoon must be a little slow on the uptake, since it takes him the whole episode to add two and two together.

Episode 5 – I applaud responsible Korean drivers, who pull over for sudden emotional storms. But is this still necessary when it’s the passenger having the all-consuming moment??

Episode 6 – I love the way Seo Yeong tells Woo Jae to deal with his own feelings and keep her out of it. She draws the same line later, when she refuses to follow his jealous girlfriend script, showing him just how full of himself he is.

I can see that he’s wearing her down with a relentless barrage of food, however.

Summing Up: It’s nice to know that there’s a place in this world, however distant, where even a straight boy can slow dance and paint Gothy toenails with his mom.

Note: 18 episodes of this 50-episode drama have aired in Korea so far, and it has ranked first in its time slot for all of them. Which just goes to show what good taste we have :)

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