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January 12, 2012

See and Say Hangul

Indiana University Hangul page – This drill website breaks the letters of the Hangul alphabet into three categories (which are common across many learning sites) – basic vowels, complex vowels and consonants.

Within each category, the letters are shown on tabs across the top. You can mouseover to hear the letter. When you click on a letter tab, you will see pictures representing words in which the letter is used. A couple of these are mysterious, but most are easy to identify, and some are amusingly clever (such as a building with pillars and a dollar sign, which I assume is a bank). Mouseover a word to see the Hangul for it, or click on it to hear it pronounced by two different speakers.

When you have drilled long enough and are ready to be a little silly, click a few letters or pictures in rapid succession (especially entertaining with the vowels).

감사합니다 to Hyo Sang Lee & Anglan Kim for creating this page, and to IU for hosting it!

Indiana University also offers a “Multimedia Dictionary” with many of the same features. It’s not really a dictionary, but a collection of word lists, organized by subject. Give it a minute to load.

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