April 2, 2012

Now watching: The Most Glorious Moment drama special

The latest KBS World Drama Special is called The Most Glorious Moment (in Life). I don’t know how many more episodes it has, but one was really enough. It’s a story about a mildly dysfunctional family that is united by a medical crisis (three guesses which disease). The acting is quite good, but the hardworking actors deserved fresher material. The Most Glorious Moment has all the originality of an after school special, and all the tension of a 10-year old rubber band, with the Valuable Lesson revealed in the opening scene (not to mention the title). The predictability of American TV is what I turned to Korean TV to get away from, but in this case I could’ve stayed home.

Update: Watched the second episode of The Most Glorious Moment drama special today. Two is all there are, thankfully, since it is every inch the tearjerker it promised to be. If you decide to watch, pull out the tissues. It’s a two-boxer.


Here’s a song by one of my favorite YouTube artists that may be of interest to people who watched this drama. It has nothing to do with Korean drama, but it’s my blog, so I can be off-topic if I want to…

10 comments to Now watching: The Most Glorious Moment drama special

  • Soyabin

    nice drama…

  • Yoyo

    One of the best dramas because the facts are real and the acting couldn’t get any closer to the real situation. I have cancer and have gone through almost 95% of all that was shown in the drama and the facts about the illness and how they portraited the actual situation was brillient.

  • Mihansa

    Hi Yoyo. Thanks for commenting. I hope you are doing well. I agree that the acting is excellent and accurate – cancer has visited my family several times, so I too recognize many of the drama’s situations.

    But what is the purpose of re-creating such an agonizing experience in a drama? Dramas like this are very numerous (in the English-speaking market, anyway). Maybe I’m too cynical, but it seems that they are capitalizing on an intensely emotional experience because it’s a surefire way to get attention for their product.

    For me, the drama just brought up painful memories without offering any new insight. It was also a heavy-handed lecture on family relationships that didn’t offer real solutions. Challenges can temporarily put conflicts on hold, but it takes more than that to resolve them for the long term. It made me cry, but it didn’t make me think.

    I’d be interested in hearing what you got out of it, though, since your perspective is different from mine. Did it help you in any way to see it?

  • Noli

    Omg just one of the best dramas i have ever seen it is really well done..:)

  • ayama

    where can i find this movie with eng subs?

    • Mihansa

      KBS Drama Specials can be really hard to find online, especially with English subs. The audience is not as wide, so fan-subtitlers are less likely to put in the considerable effort needed to create subtitles. Another problem is that the titles are often translated in more than one way, making searches difficult. The Most Glorious Moment (in Life) is also known as The Highlight of Life, and The Shining Hour of Life. I was not able to find even raw (not subtitled) footage for it under any of those titles. Maybe one of my other readers knows where you can find it, or know of another name to search it by?

      I watched it on TV – KBS does rerun drama specials, so if you get KBS, keep an eye on the schedule. If you are in the US, you can download the weekly KBS World/America schedule for your city here.

      You might also want to drop a line to Hulu and Drama Fever and let them know you would like them to offer KBS drama specials. They are comparable to made-for-TV-movies in the U.S., and get a similar lack of promotion and respect. However, they come up in the Google hits for Mihansa.net every day, so I think there is more demand for them than the big providers realize – we just have to keep bugging them until they believe it.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help :(

      • ayama

        actually, raws are available in mediumquality blog ‘since last year i guess, and also on d(addicts) , but teams are not interested to translate it, i’ve asked too many of persons, but none of theme have send me a response, infortunately i’m not from US, i’m from Algéria, and if i don’t find eng sub on line , there is no other way to get them, i wanted to translate it into french , and publish the subs on February (world cancer day ) , if you know a team who can accept to translate it let me know please, i didn’t find too many for now, may be you have an idea

        • Mihansa

          If you came across other titles for this drama that I haven’t posted, it would be great if you could post them here for other searchers.

          I’m afraid I don’t know a lot about the subbing community since I am, sadly, still monolingual. It does occur to me you might be looking for Koreans living in Viet Nam (so you can skip the conversion to English and go straight from Korean to French) but you probably already thought of that. I found this group in my bookmarks: http://withs2.com. Also, this one [ChinguFanSubs website sadly seems to be no more] has subbed some of the other KBS Drama Specials. I’m assuming you already tried Viki.

          Getting it subbed for World Cancer Day sounds like a worthy project. I’ll do a quick post for you so it’ll go out on my post feed, and also put it on my Facebook page to help you get the word out. I’ll post here if I get any responses.

          • ayama

            thank’s a looooooooooooooot
            for the title that i found: it was the shining time in life, and the shiniest time in life
            have a nice day, and all my wishes for the new year 2013 <3

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