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January 12, 2012

Aeria Gloris Learn Korean – review

Here’s a review for another of my favorite Hangul learning tools:

Aeria Gloris Learn Korean – This site is great for drills when you are learning the Hangul alphabet. It shows a Hangul letter, with a multiple choice list of corresponding English letter sounds to select from. You can toggle both the target letter and multiple choice letters between Hangul and English, which is handy the first time you see a new letter.

Set it to display 3, 4 or 5 choices to select from. It counts your percentage of correct answers in the session for those who like to keep score, and seems to be somewhat intelligent, re-playing letters you’ve missed previously. There are three letter sets, basic, vowels and full.

My only complaint about this site is that the vowel set does not include all of the complex vowels, which would be helpful for learning to distinguish between the (to English-speakers) very similar sounding ones. Aeria Gloris offers a similar page for Japanese.

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