September 27, 2016

Mobile site temporarily down

미안해요 dear readers, but a wonky update to my mobile site plugin has necessitated switching to another mobile solution until they get the glitches worked out. The temporary mobile site has a very different color scheme, but it gets the job done. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal soon.

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  • Alexandra

    I am curious as to what the result was of the massive walk-out by women at Samsung for pay equity of Aug. 10th 2016 in Korea. I can’t find any info. Can you help?

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I hadn’t heard anything about such a strike. Turns out that’s because the Medium article about it was a hoax, or rather a satire intended to draw attention to the gross inequity faced by women in the Korean workforce (it is identified as a fictional post at the end, but the management and pay statistics it includes are real). As one commentor pointed out, we should have known by the sheer number. No way would Samsung have 30,000 female employees in one building!

      Interestingly, the Medium article was written by a man (a Korean American, I suspect, though residing in Korea), and he calls upon other men to step up alongside their wives and daughters in this battle. He contrasts the outcry on behalf of the comfort women with the economic plight of women in the workforce, who receive no such attentions (a point I have made myself).

      Much as I appreciate men speaking out in support of feminism, I have to wonder whether this post was also published in Korean. If not, he’s preaching to the choir.

      • Alexandra

        Thank you SO MUCH for putting this issue to rest. I was very surprised that NO ONE had heard of this strike in Korea, It didn’t seem possible. The original post appeared on Facebook. How can a hoax like this go unnoticed, or unchallenged? I traced the author to Wikipedia and Huffington Post. How is it possible that an author of Mike Kim’s stature, get away with this???

        • Hoax was my word, and a bad choice, which I retract. The Medium article is satire, and clearly states that it is. Was the Facebook post you saw actually by Mike Kim, or was it by someone else? Facebook is riddled with reposts that are distortions or complete fabrications. If no one else has heard of something you found on Facebook that sounds like it should be a major story, that’s when you head over to a fact-checking site like

          I had no trouble finding the original post on Medium – it was the top search engine result when I searched on “Samsung women walkout.” And I had no problem identifying it for what it was by simply reading the whole thing.

          The Mike Kim you found on Wikipedia and Huffington Post does not appear to be the same Mike Kim who wrote the Medium article, as you can see by comparing their photos. Mike Kim is a very common name.

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