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Finding Your Next Korean Drama

This page is for my readers to help each other find Korean dramas that are a good match for their tastes. If you are looking for Korean drama recommendations, post a comment with a short (no more than 5) list of your favorite dramas. Say something about what you liked about them. If you are in the mood for a certain genre (i.e., sageuk, romance, horror, family, mystery, fantasy), or actor, put that in your comment too.

EXAMPLE: I loved the spunky heroines and historical settings of Arang and the Magistrate and Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Does anyone know of similar dramas?

OR: I’ve seen Freeze and Vampire Prosecutor, and will be watching Thirst later this week. Are there any other Kdramas or Korean films with vampires?

OR: I really loved [actor] in [drama]. What other dramas can I see [actor] in?

If you have good match for what they want, post a reply to their comment. Tempting as it may be to recommend the drama you love to watch over and over to everyone, be strong, and don’t post it unless it’s really in line with what they are looking for!

14 comments to Finding Your Next Korean Drama

  • My two favorite dramas ever are Gu Family Book and Faith – can you recommend any other historical fantasy/fusion dramas?

    • Mihansa

      Have you seen Arang and the Magistrate? That’s the only sageuk/fantasy fusion I’ve seen so far. You also might want to check out a Korean film called The Recipe. Although it starts out in a present-day urban setting, it ends up in an eternal fantasy zone of the mind, which I think most sageuk/fantasy fusion fans will enjoy.

  • Kim in Gran Couva

    I havent seen it but have heard much good said about Queen Insoo’s Man (historical fusion). For straight up historical fantasy, Moon that Embraces the Sun and the Princess’ Man are my top pics among the 35 or so mainly historical K-dramas that i’ve seen. Both are beautifully shot, great romance, plenty politics, mean in-laws, great martial arts and the usual great acting. AND (spoiler alert) both have happy endings

    • I think you fused two titles together: Queen Insoo and Queen Inhyun’s Man. The former is a traditional Sageuk, and the latter is a fusion drama like Faith and GFB. Both are well worth checking out, though I have a feeling the first one may not be to your taste.

  • Kim in Gran Couva

    you’re right. I only saw Queen Insoo up to ep 20 with English subs. do you know where i can find the rest of the series?

  • Kirsten

    favorite dramas i’ve watched:

    -Boys Over Flowers
    -Angel Eyes
    -Its Okay Thats Love
    -My Love From The Stars

    • Mihansa

      I haven’t seen any of those dramas, so I am afraid I won’t be much help. Maybe other mihansa readers will have some suggestions. In the meantime, this blogger lists those 4 and many more, so you may have similar tastes.

  • sherry baker

    I suggest…Nice Guy, I Miss You, City Hunter, Hotel King, and favorite of all That Winter, The Winds Blows…Jo In Sung…Then It’s Okay, That’s Love…Jo In Sung. Did I mention Jo In Sung?

  • Kim in Gran Couva

    I’ve not seen any of the dramas that Kirsten and Sherry suggested but I’m seen 50+ dramas, and most have something to love or learn from. For saeguks -historicals, I’m still going with The Princess’s Man and Moon that Embraces the Sun- because i like happy endings, and i have to add Princess Jumungo’s drum (which is like a Jumong sequel- his gran son is in it) and an obscure drama available on DVD on ebay with English subs called “Potato Boy” – it’s way more appetizing than it sounds and all the traditional martial arts, politics, intrigue and romance that one could want, and zero calories. For the modern stuff i loved Goddess of Marriage, Shall we Love and Reach for the Stars (with Lee Seo Jin in a meanie role). The recent drama “Wonderful Days” was also a winner in my book, despite the inconsistencies and small budget (no crowd scenes). I am now watching “Incomplete Life” which is a look at life for office workers in Seoul, and although it was slow at first, is amazingly engaging. I must confess that i shy away from those insanely “cute” Kpop-performer-type casts and stories of high school crushes. But the historicals, well i can go on and on, but I’ll spare you.

  • sara

    I have seen many korean dramas.But i loved i can hear your voice,master’s sun,to the beautiful you,pinnochio,my princess.i dont like dramas that are set in 70s,80s,90,..i only want dramas that are set in present

  • MaysamAL

    My favorite Korean dramas are :
    – Bridal Mask, Kill me Heal me, Healer, City Hunter, One Mom And Three Dads, Hyde Jekyll and me, Bride Of The Century, Missing You, Master’s sun….
    – And anything that have Lee Min Ho as a main actor :D
    But I’ve also enjoyed :
    – Doctor Stranger, Liar game, the king 2 hearts, Wish Upon A Star, Secret, she was pretty, Emergency Couple, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Mask, Can You Hear My Heart, I Hear Your Voice, The Rooftop Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Sungkyunkwan Scandal…
    – The first k-drama that I’ve watched are :
    1 – My Prinsess
    2 – Boys Over Flowers
    3 – Heartstring

  • Janette from California

    My recommendations/favorites in no particular order with some mini reviews from note I made for myself:

    FAITH-My first Kdrama –uncritical enthusiasm That opening scene in the rainstorm was compelling. Also got me curious. Did these historical historical characters exist? Started googling and learning about Korean history.
    SECRET LOVE AFFAIR -A+ Excellent! My discovery of director Ah Pan Seok – I actually watched this a second time for the music, the passion and the great writing, cinematography and directing .And have subsequently watched everything of Ah Pan Seok I could find. So I will add here:
    HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE – Absolutely delightful! Had learned enough about Korean culture to at least think I was understanding some of the satire. Plus great use of light and settings as in SLA.
    SPOTLIGHT – excellent newsroom drama
    THAT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – A+ –This drama is in a class of it’s own. It goes on my favorites list above all for the compassionate humanity of the characters. Sort of an illustration of the lyrics “there’s no good guys, there’s no bad guys, there’s just you and me and we just disagree” plus of learning to listen to, understand and love each other.
    HEALER-A+ A Kdrama tour de force. Not especially deep but deeply engaging, well paced and written and although the very last episode got a bit messy, even then it did not suffer from the now expected end of series slump that so many Kdramas fall into. The pace and interest was maintained up to the very end which was quite satisfying. And I fear that Ji Chang-Wook may be giving Lee Min Ho some competition. Chang-wook may have more range in his acting. And they are both very easy on the eye.
    FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR – A sweet, heartfelt story about 20 somethings working out who and how they want to be in the world, in particular the world of story telling, webtoons and children’s stories. According to Viki info this show was geared toward teens. However, the thoughtfulness with which the character’s relationships were developed had a universal appeal. There were many quotable lines. I am tempted at some point to watch it again just to get the quotes. The show was curiously free of parents and families for a Kdrama. Wonder what was up with that.
    TAMARA THE ISLAND – A+ Although this drama started out a bit hokey, it got better and better. The actors all improved as they got into their roles and the story broadened out to include elements of Joseon history and culture as well as a touching love story. And the women divers were quite wonderful as was Korea’s greatest (in my opinion) actress Kim Mi-Kyung who played the lead diver and mother of the female romantic lead.
    Plus: Jumong, The Legend or The Great King’s 4 Deities, Nine: Nine Time Travels, Coffee Prince, Pasta (changed how I cook pasta), You Are All Surrounded and A Wife’s Credentials.

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