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November 2, 2014

KDrama Word of the Day: Sarang (Love)

The outline of a heart with the three hangul words sarang, saranghey and sarangheyo insideWe really had to start with this one, didn’t we? The Korean word for love is 사랑 (pronounced sarang). It can refer to romantic love, familial love, or love between friends.

사랑 is the noun form. If you have watched even one Kdrama, (or heard even one Kpop song) you have probably heard the verb form, to love, as 사랑해 “sarang-hey” (informal) or 사랑해요 “sarangheyo” (respectful).

When would you formally say you love someone, you may ask? I have even heard it used between married couples in Kdrama!

Interesting fact: Pronouns are often dropped from or implied in Korean sentences. Although it is often used as a complete sentence, “sarangheyo” would roughly translate in English to “am/is/are loving,” without specifying in any way who is loving whom!

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