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November 1, 2014

Introducing: KDrama Word of the Day

tag cloud of Hangul wordsI’ve been watching the non-subtitled Korean TV station in my area lately, and the odd collection of words I have been able to pick out from the Korean dialogue makes me chuckle. Marriage, love, feeling, family, fool, crazy. It’s pretty obvious that I learned what little Korean I know from KDrama!

I’ve been too busy to study for most of the past year, but I really want to make some progress on learning the Korean language. So here is my brilliant idea: every day, I will post a Korean word that you are likely to hear in Korean drama. Since you will be expecting it, that will keep me working on it, and we can all build our Korean vocabulary together.

If you haven’t learned Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) yet, check out my list of Hangeul Charts and Tables and also my Games to Learn Korean page. Hangeul (aka Hangul) is a phonetic language, just like the western alphabet, so you don’t have to memorize hundreds of complicated characters or anything like that.

I’ll spell out the Kdrama Word of the Day in English, too, so don’t worry if you don’t know Hangeul.

Check back tomorrow for the first KDrama Word of the Day on

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