July 17, 2013

The End of Damo

I finished the final episode of Damo last night. It was late, and silent. I sat long by the open window, listening to the fog and weltzschmerz.

Eventually, I sighed, gathered myself back to the mundane, and went to bed.

Deep impressions to the maum are not so easily shaken, however. In my dream, a love long lost to me in waking life was lost again, to death. Or was it to uncertainty?

I asked an acquaintance for news, but he had none.

If we meet again, I said, and I don’t ask, tell me nothing.

4 comments to The End of Damo

    • Mihansa

      There is a wise old monk who teaches fighting skills to Hwangbo and Chae Ohk, but his role is minor, and the timing’s wrong for him to be Bodhidharman (aka Damo in China). Damo is set in the 17th century.

      “Damo” as used in the Korean drama refers to a class of female tea servants who served the police force, and were sometimes used for aspects of investigation which could not be undertaken by men. Unlike a lot of sageuk dramas that are loosely (usually very loosely) based on historical events, the story in Damo is entirely fictional.

  • tieuyeunu

    Oh my…i just read through all of your Damo reviews and realized you never finished an actual review for the 14th episode…was it too sad?

    • Mihansa

      It was sad, not that I expected anything less. After all, they were foreshadowing a bad ending from the very first few minutes of the series. The ending conveyed a sense of futility about the politics. However, although I know many other people found the ending to be devastating, I felt a sense of karmic closure about the personal side of things. It did make me quiet and pensive for a few days, however, and not really ready to revisit the episode with the intensity needed to recap. Then I got busy, and didn’t get back to it, though I still plan to when I have time. A lot happens in episode 14, and some parts might be confusing – if you have questions about anything that happened after you watch it, feel free to post. Just label your comment “SPOILERS.”

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