Dramas with Yun Jung Hun

Can Love Become Money? (황제를 위하여)

Uhm Ji Won and Yun Jung Hun bicycle in Can Love Become Money;Can Love Become Money?
A Korean drama un-review
(watching without subtitles)
Review for Episodes 1-7
Review for Episodes 8-9
Review for Episodes 10-13
Review for Episode 18
Series Review – Moral Relativism
and Paradigm Shifts

Vampire Prosecutor (뱀파이어 검사) – Season 1

Yun Jung Hoon wearing black shades as Vampire Prosecutor Min Tae YeonReview for Episodes 1-3
Review for Episodes 4-5
Review for Episode 6
Review for Episode 7
Review for Episode 8
Review for Episode 9
Review for Episode 10
Review for Episodes 11-12
Season 1 Revisited

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