March 15, 2017

The Downside to Working at Home

In case you are one of the two people in the world who hasn’t seen this yet…

The video resonated globally with people who work at home and went viral…

There is interesting political content in the original video, if you can tear your attention away from the cute kids. Kelly’s sentiment that South Korea handled the impeachment in a commendably non-violent, democratic manner has been echoed internationally.

However, as a BBC insert observes, two elderly Park supporters died during pro-Park demonstrations the day Park was removed from office. Details on the deaths have been scanty, but the death toll has now risen to three. Early reports mentioned demonstrators stoning police with chunks of concrete, but did not connect that to the deaths.

This should not detract from the months of peaceful demonstrations by millions of Koreans that came before. We can only hope to see as many Americans come forward when it becomes obvious that their choice was as unfortunate. It’s understandable that the Korean police would want to play down the death of seniors at such a historical moment. However, it looks worse if hushed up. Better to release full details and acknowledge any faults or regrets ASAP.

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