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January 12, 2012

Declan's Korean Flashcards - software review

Declan’s Korean FlashcardsAs of March 2016, the company’s website has disappeared. You can still find the Windows-based program on various shareware and freeware sites, but the most recent version of Windows it lists compatibility with is XP.

This is downloaded software, not a website. The demo version comes with a very limited language pack of 20 phrases, heavy on greetings in 존댓말 (formal Korean). The interface is rather dated, but it has a number of nice options to vary your drills.

Although the registration page inside the software refers to a free download to add vocabulary, it turns out you have to register (pay) before you can load it into the software. There are so many other good tools, I haven’t been motivated to make a purchase yet. I’m wondering how useful the vocabulary pack would be given the odd selection of phrases in the demo. If you have purchased this program, I’d love to hear your comments on the vocabulary that’s provided.

You can download the demo here. The download page also features demos for several other Korean-learning tools from Declan, which I haven’t explored yet – please feel free to post your comments if you have.

Coming soon: more language tool reviews, and drama reviews too – Yun Jane!

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