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DramaFever Founders - Interview from 2009

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Blogger Xiaoling Li of the blog (which is currently on hiatus) interviewed DramaFever co-founders Seung Bak* and Suk Park in 2009, when legit Kdrama streaming in general and DramaFever in particular were just getting started. Korean dramas fans interested in the transition from fan-sharing to commercial streaming services may want to start with Li’s introductory post, Global Media and Niche Audiences: Introducing

The interview follows in 5 parts. The links below are in the correct order, but some of the navigation links in the interview installments are not, so you may wish to keep this page open and navigate from here.

Part 1 – “All we had was a powerpoint and a lot of passion.”
Part 2 – “We’re seeing caucasian ladies from the midwest.”
Part 3 – “The story pulls you in so that you watch the whole thing.”
Part 4 – “It seems that what the fansubbers want is recognition.”
Part 5 – “One thing’s for sure: we will not get rid of our free offering.”

Xiaoling Li also has a post summarizing the interview for those with limited reading time.

* If you’re wondering, Bak & Park are both male.

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